The elderly and pregnant women are prone to hypoxia due to aging organs or physical load. Controlling oxygen in the blood and heart rate becomes a daily concern. And with this oximeter it can be done instantly.
Respiratory diseases or hypertensive patients need to detect oxygen in the blood at any time to inhale oxygen in time.
In times of coronavirus, these types of products that help us take care of the health of our family, suitable from the elderly to small children, never hurt.

The best selling option
2 in 1, get your SpO2 and pulse rate in 8 seconds accurately, the result will be displayed on its large digital OLED screen. One-button touch configuration and low battery indicator.
It measures blood oxygen and heart rate in real time, with sound that you can remove if you want by pressing the button for a few seconds, it also includes a protective cover. Its price €35.99.
*Price: €35.99
*Price may vary


Ensuring that our children have the correct levels of oxygen in their blood is extremelyimportant to your health and well-being.Low SpO2 levels can cause a variety of health problems, such as rapid heart rate, fatigue, shortness of breath, sweating…
This product uses animal patterns , which makes it more eye-catching for children and more suitable for the size of your fingers. Its price €29.99.
*Price: €29.99
*Price may vary

The cheapest option It can be used to accurately
measure pulse rate andblood oxygen saturation levels.

Easy to use and auto power off after 5 seconds of non-use. Its price from €6.09.
*Price: €6.09
*Price may vary

With app

This model includes the “Vihealth” app to view data in real time and store it without limits from the device. You will only have to synchronize and store the data when you open the application.
Up to 12 groups of O2 level and pulse rate data can be saved on your log screen. Its price €29.99.
*Price: €29.99
*Price may vary

Parameter index:

The PR of adults is 60BPM ~ 100BPM, and newborns 120BPM ~ 150BPM are normal indicators.
The SpO2 value in adults is 94% ~ 100%, and 85% -100% in newborns is a normal indicator, otherwise it is considered insufficient oxygen supply.

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