If before there was only television, today we are spoiled for choice. Netflix , Amazon Prime , Apple TV, Tim vision and so on and so forth. A very long catalog of audiovisual contents to be enjoyed in these first autumn days. Let’s see together 10 news to discover in the month of October. Song Exploder October 2nd: Netflix (docu-series)
A ​​docu-series dedicated to the world of music. Born from a well-known podcast, in which singers and musicians tell what happens behind the scenes during the making of their song. You will be able to see completely unpublished images, recordings, videos, and much more. Among the protagonists we will find Alicia Keys, Lin-Manuel Miranda, REM and others. The Walking Dead – World Beyond
2 October: Amazon Prime Video (first season)

The Walking Dead – World Beyond is a series that tells the story of the first generation raised in the zombie-apocalyptic scenario. A further Spin-off of the very famous Original series. Some protagonists, here, will become heroes, others the “bad guys”, taken by a continuous change and subsequent consolidation.
Zombie fans, hurry up! We Are Who We Are
9 October: Sky and Now Tv (first season)

In October a miniseries starts on Sky, consisting of 8 episodes, created and directed by Luca Guadagnino. The protagonist, Fraser, is a bright and sensitive teenager, but characterized by a strong restlessness. To follow his mother’s military career, he moved with his family to Chioggia. Once in Italy, Fraser meets Caitlin, a perfectly integrated American student. A tender and profound story, of two teenagers struggling with the strong changes in age. All the sites and platforms where you can watch movies for free and legally
In the wake of Digital Solidarity, here are the main streaming platforms and online sites where you can watch movies for free Space Talents
October 9: Disney +

Based on the book The Right Stuff, written by Tom Wolfe in 1979, this 8-episode series tells the story of the Mercury Seven, the seven men chosen by NASA in the late 1950s to participate in its space program. Ambitious and extraordinary projects, carried out by men out of the ordinary. They are the protagonists of this series. Astronauts who, with their families, suddenly become celebrities, and who will find themselves competing for money, fame and immortality The Chicago 7 trial
October 16: Netflix (film)

The story centers on the “Chicago Seven”, seven activists who in 1968 tried for some clashes between demonstrators and police. The film recounts the entire process of the trial of the seven activists, one of the best known in American history. Directed and written by Aaron Sorkin. The leading actors are Sacha Baron Cohen, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Michael Keaton and Eddie Redmayne. The Third Day
19 October: Sky and Now Tv

A series with Jude Law and Naomi Harris. A psychological thriller, where nothing is as it seems. A mysterious and restless British island. Six episodes with a great story and suspense. Pure
21 October, RaiPlay

The protagonist of this British series is a 25-year-old girl, witty, intelligent and “normal” if it weren’t for her unusual obsessive compulsive disorder.
Once she moves to London from Scotland, she begins to lead a very different life than she expected. Charly Clive, the protagonist, accompanies us in 6 episodes of about 45 minutes each. Utopia
October 30, Amazon Prime Video

An American series about a group of people trying to save the world. The protagonists get to know each other online thanks to the passion that unites them: the obsession for a graphic novel called Utopia. Mysteries are intertwined with the stories of these strangers, united by a superior force. The creator and author of the series and Gillian Flynn, author of the thriller Love Liar. The Challenge: ETA
October 30: Amazon Prime Video

An 8 episode docu-series. The story of a terrorist group is told. It all begins with the first murder in 1968, until its dissolution in 2018.
Stella Grillo

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