Each of us has a TV series in the heart: whether it is a current or past production, it can be linked to a period of one’s life, with the protagonists who at times even seemed to be part of it, as a topic of conversation with friends and in family. Not to mention films: you don’t need to be cinephiles to feel connected to a film in particular, to remember a story that has struck us for its intensity, crudeness or creativity. How many times have we recommended a film, recommended a series, commented on this or that episode on social networks
But beyond the plot, the stories obviously lived on setting, and therefore on “houses”. Even if some time later, we can remember the fantastic loft of “Ghost” or the splendid villa on the ocean of “In bed with the enemy”. In this case they were real locations while, for many productions, the house was designed specifically for stage and script needs.
The Spanish graphic designer Inaki Aliste Lizarralde has created an evocative project, drawing the floor plans of the houses that set the most famous TV series; he started by chance and continued for pure fun, meticulously reproducing the layout of the spaces and the furniture.
The TV series par excellence and in our opinion Friends(shot in the late 90s), which tells the life of a group of friends who live in two apartments on the same landing and precisely at 90 Bedford Street, West Village. You want to relive their adventures
. You just have to buy the house for just over two million euros.
You know Sex and the City
Carrie, or the protagonist played by Sarah Jessica Parker, has a taste not only in dressing, but also in terms of furniture. Proof of this is her choice of her one bedroom apartment on Fifth Avenue, in the heart of New York: probably three quarters of her walk-in closet, it has an estimated value of around half a million euros.
When it comes to wealthy, beautiful and stylish women, we can’t help but think of the luxurious Upper East Side apartment of the Waldorf family from Gossip Girl . The penthouse has four bedrooms, five bathrooms, a gym and a media room. If you are thinking of buying it, get ready to shell out an amount close to thirty million euros.
Most recently, the American TV series, The Big Bang Theory, focuses on the lives of a group of young nerdy scientists. Sheldon and Leonard share an apartment in Pasadena, California. The apartment consists of two rooms, a living room with open kitchen and a bathroom. If in reality two university students or two young researchers want to live here, they would have to pay a monthly rent of 1,500 / 1,900 euros. And remember… woe betide whoever occupies the place of Sheldon Cooper (Jim Parsons) on the leather sofa, in the small apartment with an open kitchen; Sheldon is a conservative and has never frowned upon the furniture changes proposed by his roommate Leonard Hofstadter (Johnny Galecki); unsuccessfully, Leonard tried to add a table and chairs to have lunch more comfortably with his friends,
Another apartment where most TV series lovers have dreamed of living at least once, and the one where many of the hilarious How I met your mother scenes are set .
The apartment is quite large, with two bedrooms, a large living room and an open kitchen. It is located at 150 West 85th Street on the Upper West Side and is worth nearly one and a half million euros.
You too have fallen into the trap of the addictive Breaking Bad . Are
you wondering how much it would cost to live at least for a month in the home of Walter and Skyler White
Well the answer is around 600 euros per month.
In conclusion, if you are about to buy a new home or change furniture, take a look at the plans of some of the houses we have talked about … you may even decide to reproduce all or part of them. You will surely experience the magical atmosphere of your favorite series, and maybe you will feel like you are seeing one of the protagonists sitting in the living room!

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