The heart is one of the most important organs of our organism for which it is essential to maintain its well-being. Many people are unaware that fermented red rice is a great supplement for helping the heart. And, in fact, a food capable of reducing bad cholesterol . These properties were discovered in China where he became part of traditional medicine to manage and cure these specific problems. Let’s find out in this article something more about the properties and benefits of fermented red rice for the heart thanks to a control action on blood cholesterol levels

General characteristics
But what is fermented red rice
Let’s try to understand something more. It is nothing more than simple cooking rice which takes on its characteristic red color thanks to the presence and reproduction of a particular microorganism, the Monascus Porpureus (or more commonly red yeast). Today it is also very popular in the West because it is considered a dietary food and therefore very useful when you want to keep extra kilos under control through nutrition.
In fact, its active ingredients allow you to lower the level of cholesterol in the blood . The miracle is accomplished by the yeast we talked about earlier: it releases the monacolins which in structure closely resemble the most common drugs used against cholesterol. The fermented red ricein fact, it is able to reduce LDL cholesterol, while it increases HDL cholesterol. In other words, the bad cholesterol goes down, while the good one goes up.

Differences between red rice and fermented red rice
You might think that the red rice commonly found on the market, with its characteristic coppery color, is the equivalent of fermented red rice , but in fact it is not. Wild red rice is a brown rice rich in zinc, iron, selenium, vitamins E and B, magnesium and other substances that can be purchased in specialized stores. While fermented red rice is a common rice which, as we have already seen, takes on that reddish color thanks to the yeast that makes it ferment.

The action of cholesterol on the body
In our body the action of cholesterol is important and should not be underestimated. Metabolized almost completely by the liver, the presence of cholesterol depends to a small extent on what you eat and to a large extent on an endogenous production.
It is very high in foods rich in animal fats such as meat, butter, cheeses, cured meats and eggs, especially the yolk. It is therefore important to reduce consumption if you have high cholesterol levels. If the latter are not very high, the power supply is almost always sufficient to bring it back to normal. If this is not the case, some supplements such as fermented red rice can be of great help. But let’s see how cholesterol works and how it is useful for our survival.
It is in fact necessary to remember that cholesterol is biologically very important for the body. It performs a number of functions that enable the normal course of life, such as growing cells and synthesizing sex hormones. The risk arises if cholesterol is above a certain level and, by concentrating more in the plasma, it can create problems in fundamental organs such as the heart and brain.
For all these reasons and if you are sedentary, obese or with more or less overt metabolic diseases, prevention is important. A healthy diet, daily physical activity, and red fermented rice supplements can keep blood cholesterol levels lowand significantly improve your values ​​and your quality of life.

Effectiveness of fermented red rice on cholesterol
Phytotherapeutic products are increasingly widespread and are synonymous with innovation because they offer natural ingredients and products that help you feel better both psychically and physically. On the market it is possible to find not only the fermented red rice extract , but also many other products useful for improving cardiac well -being .
To better understand how it works, it is important to specify that fermented red ricemore effective is the one that contains monacolin K, which is very similar to lovastine, one of the best drugs that perform the function of reducing cholesterol. This substance, in fact, is capable of inhibiting the enzyme that synthesizes cholesterol and above all, if ingested through the dry product, it has beneficial effects on total triglycerides and on the normalization of bad LDL cholesterol .
This result has already been verified after the first month of use. It is important, however, that it is used only once a day, in the evening. Obviously you must also follow an adequate diet and carry out daily physical activity: in this way the fermented red rice supplement works better.

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