Children are pieces of heart, to paraphrase the famous quote. And Fedez knows this well. The rapper is not facing an easy period marked, as he himself declared on social media, by the discovery of a disease that requires treatment and that has fueled the concern of fans. Yet, even in the blackest darkness, a small but intense ray of light can arrive. And today, on the occasion of the Feast of the Pope, Fedez celebrates his little Lion who turns 4 and has filled his life with beauty and love. Fedez, dedicates it to the little Lion on Instagram
March 19 four years oldlittle Leone Lucia Ferragni, eldest son of Fedez and of the influencer Chiara Ferragni, came into the world. “Happy birthday my love, today I just want to say thank you”, wrote the rapper on Instagram in the sweet dedication to his son. A particular birthday , certainly, after the latest news regarding Fedez’s health which left a bitter aftertaste in the heart of this family, as well as in that of the fans.
A birthday that is embellished with further meaning, a ray of light in the darkest and most difficult moment . And Pope Fedez spent simple but beautiful words to thank his little Leoncino: “Thank you for having filled these 4 years together with joy, thank you for making me grow as a personmore than I could have done with you. Time flies but I hold you tight, more than ever ❤️ “.
The celebrity has never scratched the deep sense of Fedez’s family, a value that she has always shared with his wife Chiara Ferragni and which they never miss an opportunity to show to the many fans who always follow them with affection and dedication. Family is the greatest support, especially when life tests you and you feel lost. And you realize how a child can change your life more every day , from when you hold him in your arms for the first time until, even with a smile or with a “I love you, dad” he manages to make you forget every ugliness.
Fedez, the dedication for Leone’s birthday on InstagramChiara Ferragni, the words for Leone and for Pope Fedez Chiara Ferragni’s social greetings for her little Leone
could not be missing , also rich in love and sweetness. Like Fedez, the influencer shared some souvenir photos, accompanied by beautiful words: “Best wishes to our Leo for his 4 years 💖 In my life I have never felt greater emotion than seeing you the first time, and since that moment you have given our days a totally new meaning . With you we became a family, the family as you say 💖 Thank you for choosing us to be your parents ”.
But the thought of the splendid Chiara could only go to her sweet destination, the man with whom she shares everything since 2016: “A special thanks to my love @fedez – he wrote on Instagram – for creating this dream together with myself. Best wishes to you too, love, who are the best pope in the world for our puppies 💖 “.
Chiara Ferragni, the dedication for Leone and Fedez on Instagram

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