Those who don’t have them want them and those who have them often can’t stand them. The freckles , or the freckles that appear with the first sun, have however now become a real strength, which makes every face or, better, every make-up special. Yes, because now on social networks we see more and more faces covered with freckles, all over the face or part of it, whether they are natural, filters to make photos or make-up more beautiful. Realizing freckles with makeup , in fact, is not that difficult and with the right tools and techniques it is really very simple to obtain a realistic effect , which can be removed with make-up remover or that goes away after a few more washes. Let’s find out together!
Source: 123rfThe simplest method is to use an eyeshadow or an eyebrow pomade
. The easiest and cheapest way to create fake freckles is with a brown eyeshadow with a warm undertone. In fact, it is important that the eyeshadow is slightly warm because it will harmonize better with the natural colors of the skin, which often has redness. If you use the foundation you will have to apply it first, otherwise it will cover the freckles created. Once the face base has been made and powdered, just use a small brush , angled or eyeliner, dip it in the color and tap iton the face, nose, cheeks and for an even more natural effect, making some scattered freckles also on the chin and forehead. To make them look real, try to make them of different sizes and intensities , from stronger to less, not always taking the eyeshadow but leaving some lighter . If they seem too thick, dark or fake, you can blend them lightly by tapping them on your fingers. Eyebrow creams allow you to get a longer lasting effect
With eyeshadow, if you forget you made them and touch your face, the freckles will come off, so beware! If you want a more lasting result, which leaves freckles even if you inadvertently put your hands on your face, you can use an eyebrow ointment . The longlasting effect they have on the eyebrows will also be guaranteed on the face, but be careful, because being very pigmented they could create a very fake effect and must be known to dose . Always with a brush , take a little color , dilute the excess on the back of the hand and tap it on the face . If some freckles are mistakenly too dark, immediately swipe a finger over them to lighten them, because once dry it will be difficult to make them less heavy without having to remove make-up.
Source: 123rfThe spray method to cover the regrowth, for very natural freckles but… be careful!
Another method to get really natural fake freckles is to use a spray to cover the regrowth that is eliminated with a simple hair wash. The effect is really very natural , it is difficult to understand that they are fake, especially by choosing a light brown and slightly reddish tone . The secret is to just press the dispenser , so that a direct jet of color does not come out but literally is sprayed on the facein small specks of color, which will look like real freckles. This is because the product is impalpable but, above all, because none will be of the same size and intensity as the other. It will also be easier to spread them all over the face in a natural way, so that they look even more realistic. Do not overdo using this method, however, because it is still a hair product and, although it is washable and suitable for cosmetic use, it is not tested to be used on the face. Ok for a particular photo or evening, but not as an option to use every day.
Source: 123rf The henna method for a natural effect but more difficult to achieve
One of the most used methodson the web to get freckles a little more lasting and that they do not go away with a simple make-up remover and that of using henna . Exactly, just that of the hair or with which Indian women decorate their hands. Precisely for the same principle, how it manages to color the skin of the hands and useful for creating natural freckles on the face, as long as you choose the right color and respect the shutter speed. The most suitable color is brown , which contains a mix of plants between lawsonia, that is the classic red henna and other dyeing herbs. Buy the ready-made pasta , the one contained in a sort of foil, cut the tip creating a very small holeand, after having spread a cream or a little oil on the face, proceed to create the freckles . The oil or cream will create a sort of barrier on the skin that will make the henna adhere less, so that the effect is not too saturated and noticeable, resulting unnatural. Leave them on for about ten minutes, then gently remove the dots and wash your face. If the freckles are too light , wait until the next day to go over them , as the color may darken slightly over the hours.
This is definitely the most lasting method , because freckles will resist tooa week or more, depending on your skin type, how much make up your face and what products you use for your skincare routine. However, it is also the most difficult method , because it is not always easy to measure the shutter speed and the amount of color but, above all, make sure you buy a good quality product with only natural ingredients.

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