We wish we could do our makeup in the morning and arrive in the evening fresh, with the perfect makeup still intact. Instead, often, the foundation separates and creates patches, maybe it shines and the eye make-up loses intensity or ends up in the folds. How to solve this problem Face and eye primers take care
of it . But they are really effective products, which are worth buying and keeping in your makeup bag The face primer, an ally not only to make makeup last longer
First of all, the primer is almost always a creamy product, which spreads on the face after the cream moisturizing but before foundation. In general we can say that its main function is to make the face base last longer , making sure that the products applied on top cling and no longer move. In reality, however, there are many different types of face primers , specific for every need.
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One of the most coveted and undoubtedly the mattifying primer which serves, as the name implies, to mattify the skin, eliminating the shiny patina and making sure not only that the makeup lasts longer, but that the matte effect is insured for several hours. This type of product is perfect for those with oily skin , to be applied all over the face, but also mixed, to be applied only in the T zone, avoiding the normal or drier areas. Then there are moisturizing primers , precisely for this last type of skin, which bring relief, soften it and help keep it hydrated, so that the foundation does not accumulate in dry areas, highlighting the cuticles. Another type of very popular primer , then, is the illuminating one , perfect for those faces with a dull, graying and not fresh-looking complexion. They contain bright particles inside, which reflect the light immediately giving a glowy look, which is so fashionable. But be careful not to use it on oily skin, otherwise the shiny effect already present naturally will be even more emphasized. Last, but not least, the colored primers , perfect for correcting facial discoloration and imperfections. The most common are those slightly lilac or tending to purple, with an illuminating effect without resorting to reflective particles, but balancing the skin tone. The primer with a slight green pigmentation, on the other hand, is designed for those with a lot of redness or blemishes. Do not apply too much, you just need a veil and, of course, you must then apply your own foundation color to even out the base .The eye primer is really so essential to make eye makeup
If a few years ago no one used it, today an eye primer or an equivalent product is unthinkable that it will not be used. In fact, it has a smoothing action on the eyelid and helps make makeup last longer, but not only. The primer is perfect for those who love to make intense and colorful makeup, because blending the eyeshadows on a creamy, slightly moist base, will make them not only adhere more, but stand out even more, making the color more brilliant and saturated. However, there are those who prefer not to use specific products but who rely directly on a creamy concealer, which attaches to the eyelid. It is spread over the whole eye and the makeup is made normally, with the difference that makeup cut crease can also be made , which are so fashionable on social media.
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