It is useless to deny it, the dream of all of us is to be able to get up in the morning with a doe look without having to make any effort, so that we can say goodbye to the curler and the continuous search for the perfect mascara.
Well, if you are not among the very few lucky ones that Mother Nature has endowed with long, thick, intensely colored and naturally curved eyelashes, to achieve the doe look you just have to choose a semi-permanent eyelash treatment . There are several including extensions and lamination . Here’s everything you need to know about these treatments and how to choose the one that’s right for you. Lamination: what it is and how to do it
Laminationand a treatment that allows you to obtain curved and thick eyelashes , intervening not only on the aesthetics of the eyelashes but also on their health: in fact the treatment is carried out using natural ingredients such as amino acids and argan oil that nourish and fortify the lashes , giving it light, body and vitality.
In practice, with the lamination we do not resort to false or artificial eyelashes but we intervene by enhancing the natural eyelashes . The goal is to make them not only healthier but also more curved, long and thick.
To achieve this effect, first you choose the type of curl to be performed based on the length of the lashes, after which the lashes are placed on a kind of silicone mold. At this point, amino acids are applied only in the curl areas which, while setting the curl effect, fortify the lashes.
To give the lashes an immediate lifting effect, biokeratin is applied , a substance that nourishes the lashes and stimulates their growth . Finally, argan oil is applied to intensify the fortifying and nourishing action.
During the lamification treatment you can also proceed to perform an eyelash tint , usually by choosing the black color that gives depth to the look.
If you choose to have a lamination treatment, rely on experts : if the choice of the curvature pad is not evaluated correctly, the lashes can literally “shoot” up and prick the eyelid with the tips continuously, creating a sensation of discomfort. and an aesthetic effect not even remotely comparable to that of the doe’s gaze. Extensions: what they are and how to apply them
If you focus on natural eyelashes with lamination, with extensions you apply extensions to your lashes to create the perfect doe look that only false eyelashes applied masterfully can give.
With extensions we develop the appropriate design for the shape of the natural eyelashes and the shape of the eye, correcting, if necessary, even some defects and filling in the empty spaces. Eyelash extensions give you an intense look , even when you have removed make-up but before proceeding with the application it is good to know the risks.
In fact, the lengthening of the eyelashes can create some contraindications: first of all, as well as for all the beauty treatments to which you choose to undergo, it is good to choose expert professionals who use the right ingredients. Having said that, we cannot speak of real damage to the eyelashes but the extensions are not recommended for those who do not have perfectly healthy eyelashes or are prone to allergies to synthetic products. Furthermore, it is difficult to predict the evolution of the eyelashes. It could happen that holes are created and that you have to comb them to recreate the desired effect. Extension VS Lamination: what to choose
Having read the characteristics of the two treatments, choosing the one that’s right for you shouldn’t be difficult: both have advantages and disadvantages, it is up to you to choose what you want to achieve from your treatment.
One last piece of information concerns the price: applying extensions is certainly more expensive and the sessions last from 30 to 90 minutes, depending on the amount of lashes you want to apply. The application of extensions is not a definitive treatment , in fact the lashes will have to be touched up every 2-3 weeks to replace those that you will naturally lose due to natural renewal. Lamination has a lower price and
the sessions have an average duration of about 75 minutes, including processing times. The bending and thickening result then remains unchanged for 6/8 weeks .

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