To have long and voluminous lashes, mascara is usually used. There are all kinds of them, for example volumizing and waterproof. But once you remove your make-up, the effect wears off and you find yourself with the same lashes as before. What to do to always have them perfect
A good solution is to use eyelash extensions. Let’s find out together what it is, how much it costs, how long it lasts and the pros and cons of this practice. Eyelash extensions: what it is

  • Eyelash extensions: what it is
    • Duration and mistakes not to be made
  • Application technique
    • La tecnica one-to-one
    • The volume technique
  • Eyelash extensions: who can’t use them
  • Cost
  • Difference between eyelash extensions and false eyelashes
  • Pros and cons
    • Pro
    • Against
  • Extension cleaning
  • Removal
  • Make up

The application of eyelash extensions is a practice that is becoming more and more popular.
It consists in making the lashes long and voluminous by applying fibers on the natural lashes. These are placed one by one by a professional. Usually between 50 and 150 lashes are applied to each eye, according to the need assessed at the time of the session. As you may have guessed, it is a precision technique and for this reason it is good to consult a professional.
The session is single and lasts between one and two hours depending on the number of fibers that will need to be used. Duration and mistakes not to be made
The first thing to know when you want to resort to the application of eyelash extensions is that the duration varies a lot according to how you will take care of them. However, a minimum duration of 1 month and a half – 2 months is expected.
To increase the duration of the extensions you can resort to simple “retouching” which have a lower cost and will help you to keep them always in order. To have a lasting effect over time there are some things to absolutely avoid:

  • show up with brittle or damp lashes. In this case the application will not be able to take place;
  • moisten the lashes within the first 24 hours after the treatment. Avoid washing your eyes or in any case wetting the treated area to allow the glue to settle;
  • use the eyelash curler. Using this tool would decrease the duration;
  • give a coat of mascara. Avoid it! The purpose of false eyelashes is precisely to avoid tricks. Make-up with mascara is useless if the job has been done properly.
  • use oil-based makeup removers.
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Application technique
Eyelash extensions can be natural or synthetic fibers.
To date, there are two application techniques:

  • la tecnica one-to-one
  • the volume technique

Both have the same preparation and subsequent maintenance phase (at home).
So let’s find out how they differ. The one-to-one
technique The one-to-one technique is the one most used. It involves the application of a false eyelash on each identified natural belt. Depending on the result you want to obtain, lashes of different lengths will be applied, more or less curved, or only in certain points. The volume technique
The volume technique, as the name suggests, involves a greater application of extensions. Just think that every single eye can reach up to 1000 lashes!
In fact, 2 to 6 extensions correspond to each natural eyelash.
In this case, much lighter fibers will be applied to avoid weighing down the eye.
Obviously the duration of the treatment will be longer than the one-to-one technique. Eyelash extensions: who cannot use them
Unfortunately, not all of us can use this technique. Who can’t use them

  • If you are allergic to the glue used, unless the expert you are contacting has another more delicate one that does not create any reaction.

However, always do a small test to check for allergic reactions or irritation.

  • If you have brittle and weak eyelashes. Even with the one-to-one technique, your eye will still not be able to bear that weight on you and the beautician would have a hard time applying “false eyelashes” on an already weak part. First take a session in your beauty center to evaluate its feasibility.

The cost of this treatment has reached quite important figures. Expect to spend between € 150 and € 700 per eye and between € 50 and € 100 for touch-ups.
The price varies a lot based on several factors:

  • the center where you go to;
  • the technique used (whether one-to-one or volume);
  • the chosen color. it is possible to request variants of the classic black. In 2021 and

It is possible to have blue, burgundy or rainbow colored eyelash extensions. There are those who have also decided to embellish them by applying Swarovski crystals. Difference between eyelash extensions and false eyelashes
When we talk about eyelash extensions, we also commonly use the term “false eyelashes” because they are actually natural or synthetic fibers that mix with natural ones.
However, there is a distinction between false eyelashes as a treatment and extensions. The difference is that false eyelashes are a “tuft” of lashes that are applied directly to the lashes of your eye and mix with yours.
This can usually lead to irritation in the long run. Furthermore, the extensions are applied with a technique that allows the beautician to see and evaluate the lashes one by one. The eye is not burdened and the work is meticulous.
Another difference is that today only false eyelashes are on the market and can be applied “do it yourself”.
Don’t be tempted to buy false lashes just because they are cheaper or easier to apply. The result, the duration and the quality of the treatment are not and will not be the same.
You will also worsen the health of your eyelashes by acting in this way.
Better to spend a little more for the safety of a job well done and that goes to preserve the eye as it is. Pros and cons
If you are undecided about whether or not to use extensions, a classic list of pros and cons could help you make the right decision for you. Pro

  • For at least a month and a half you can forget the makeup (at least that of

eyes)! This aesthetic treatment totally replaces the classic
mascara. You will have long and voluminous lashes from morning to night.

  • The treatment is painless and non-invasive.
  • The limited duration makes it a treatment that can only be used in

certain occasions. Against

  • Constant maintenance even at home. You will always have to pay attention to what

used to cleanse the face and eye area.

  • The cost is to be considered as a negative factor if you plan to do it

keep them for a long time.

  • Small allergies may arise.
  • Eyelashes need to be retouched every now and then to thicken them again.

Extension cleaning
Once applied, the extensions should be cleaned daily to avoid
eye problems such as irritation or infections. Just use a small amount of mild liquid detergent which must absolutely be free of alcohol and oil.
Do not rub for any reason. just dab. Then let the lashes air dry. Avoid using the classic cotton pads because the extensions could come off. Removal
Whichever technique you have chosen, go to the beauty center for the safe removal of your extensions. The professional who applied them to you will surely be able to remove them without
damaging your natural lashes. Make up
No mascara or eyeliner. If you really want to make up your eyes, you can opt for a powder eyeshadow. Always avoid oily or liquid makeups. If after this article you still have doubts about this aesthetic treatment, I recommend that you go to your trusted beautician. He will certainly be able to advise you if you can do it and which technique is best for you.

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