If you still look at it with anxiety and fear, know that the curler can and must become one of your best friends. Yes, because doe lashes are hard work and to have them don’t think that just a little mascara is enough, even if applied at best, but it takes a lot of work and also attention.
So put the fear aside and get closer to that little tool that lies abandoned in the bottom of your beauty and discover it with us to understand how to best use it to have top lashes without making mistakes or running the risk of ruining them.

  • Why and when to use it
  • How to use it
    • Use it on clean lashes
    • Warm it up
    • Use on the lashes
    • Finish with mascara
  • The curler does not damage the lashes
  • Precautions

Why and when to use it
Starting from the basics could be useful to understand what the eyelash curler is really for and how it works: it is similar to a scissor but with two rubber pads that open and close in the final part and it is these pads that make the difference on your lashes.
Useful for straight and not naturally curved eyelashes, it can be used by anyone: in fact, the eyelash curler is a beauty tool for “styling” the lashes before applying mascara or, better still, the primer that will favor grip. on the eyelashes themselves.
Obviously, once you get used to it, you can also replace the curler for the actual use of mascara even if, remember, the duration of the curl could last much less during the day. How to use it
The biggest fear, relating to the eyelash curler, lies precisely in its use, having to use this tool in the delicate area around the eyes. But once you get to know it better you will see that the eyelash curler will no longer scare you and, above all, once you know all the correct steps you will become a real pro on the subject. Use it on clean lashes
. The first step, to use the curler, is to know when to apply it . Never ever on made up lashes: neither during your make-up session nor during the day. Always use the eyelash curler on clean and well-cleansed lashes, obviously after eye makeup, only in this way will you avoid creating small traumas or injuries to the lashes that will be so flexible and elastic . Warm
it Another important thing, which many underestimate or just don’t know, is that the eyelash curler must be heated to be used . Not so much its structure, but the rubber pads which, when heated, will work on the lashes just like the hair straightener does.
Obviously they do not need to become incandescent, but it will be enough to slightly heat the rubber tips using for a few seconds, for example, the heat of the hairdryer. Use on the eyelashes
Once heated, you can begin to curl the lashes and, to do so, simply bring the curler close to the eye by inserting the lashes themselves between the two rubber pads . Help yourself with a finger to raise the upper arch so as to have the lashes well separated from each other, looking down let the lashes enter the appropriate space of the eyelash curler.
Then move on to the practical part by closing and taking the eyelash curler several times and making small pressures on the lashes, advancing slowly from the root to the tips. Only in this way will the lashes be curled in a natural way and will not suffer any damage. Finish with mascara
Finish the job by adding a curling mascara , and if you’re a true professional in the industry, add a curling or lengthening primer as well. You can also add a volumizing formula, but be careful because it could weigh down the lashes by canceling the curling effect given by the use of the eyelash curler.
Always apply the mascara with zigzag movements from roots to ends, letting a few seconds pass between one pass and the next to allow the formula to dry. The curler does not ruin the eyelashes
You have probably never approached the eyelashes because, urban legends, tell of ruined and destroyed eyelashes by the use of the eyelash curler.
Don’t worry, if used correctly (that is, just as we have described to you) your lashes will not suffer any damage and, on the contrary, will take on a truly enviable shape. Precautions
If your lashes are particularly dry , before curling them with the curler, you can apply a thin layer of castor oil, also useful for body and hair, with a cotton swab or a clean mascara brush, to make them softer and more flexible. Or start an evening routine by applying the same oil before bed to soften, hydrate and strengthen your lashes (but also your brows).
The best eyelash curlers are made of metaland, having to use them close to the eyes, be very careful when you heat it with the hair dryer. Don’t overdo it and if it happens, let a few seconds pass before using it on your lashes.
Also, do not forget to change the rubber pads cyclically, which could wear out and get damaged over time. Cleansing is also fundamental , to be done with a make-up remover in oil or an ad hoc cleanser , since this tool is used together with make-up and must be applied very close to the eyes, an extremely delicate area prone to infections.

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