The look of the face is more and more important. Until a few years ago the eyebrow tint was little used and seen as something that only concerned the stars, but now things have changed. More and more women are using it and are thus able to give their eyes an incredible depth.
Using a suitable eyebrow tint allows you to plump them up, making them look fuller and more defined. But if you don’t want to dye them, there are other ways to improve the look of your brows. How to dye your eyebrows
The most important benefit you will get by using an eyebrow dyewill be to get well-defined arches, which will allow you to correct the defects of your eyebrows. Dyeing them is a very simple operation to carry out.
First apply petroleum jelly to the area around the eyebrows to avoid staining the skin. Then proceed with the actual coloring . Once finished, remove the excess hairs with tweezers. If you don’t want to color your brows with dye there are alternative products you can use, such as eyebrow pencils and powders, but their results aren’t as long lasting. Where to buy the tint and alternative solutions
The eyebrow tintyou buy it in perfumery, but at least for the first few times it would be better for you to get help in the application from a professional, to avoid making messes. Once you have become an expert then you can do it yourself, buying the dye and mixing it, or buying ready-made products. In addition to dye, they can also be colored with eyebrow henna , a natural substance. How to choose the color of the eyebrow tint
Redefine and color the eyebrows mainly serves to give more prominence to the eyes and the look, but it must be done in the correct way. The colors that can be chosen are three:

  • tones lighter than those of the hair;
  • tones darker than those of the hair;
  • tones of the same hair color.

Light tones and dark tones
Choosing the right products for light or dark eyebrows of a different shade from the natural one, will make even the sparser ones more intense, making them immediately appear much fuller and well defined. When choosing the color to use, however, remember not to overdo it, as Miley Cyrus did with her invisible eyebrows, made so clear that they are no longer visible. This is one of the risks of lightening eyebrows . Hair-like tones
If you are the exuberant type and you like to impress you will probably color your brows a different tone than your hair. But if, on the contrary, you want a natural and classic look, choose a shade similar to that of your hair.
In fact, choosing a shade here close to that of the hair will give a classic and very natural effect , keeping the colors of your face harmonious and very delicate. You will feel this effect even more if you have used a dye for your hair. Mistakes You Make When Dyeing Your Brows
Applying an eyebrow tint requires attention. When you prepare the product, check its consistency, which must be creamy, in fact if it were too liquid the color would run into the eyes. The shutter speeds are approximately 3 minutes; better to do two applications than to get a too dark color from the first one.
A permanent eyebrow tintit lasts longer, but the first time use a semi-permanent one, to understand if that was exactly the effect you were looking for. Important: Never use hair dye to color your eyebrows.

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