Hi Greta! This is a really very interesting question and one that is close to my heart, as I don’t have a good relationship with my brows! Unfortunately, the famous 2000s also affected me and my super thick eyebrows, which were almost a monocle … and now I find myself having them stripped, full of holes, with the front missing and with a shape that does not suit my face and shape of eyes!
First of all, it is good to clarify the various products that exist today and that there is no right or wrong one, but one that is more suitable and to be chosen based on your manual skills, experience and the effect you want to achieve. The most classic of eyebrow products is the pencil to pin , which allows you toredraw the eyebrow in a rather defined and graphic way . Let’s say that it can be used on important looks, structured eye makeup or if you love a more “artificial”, less natural and sharper eyebrow. Alternatively, there are more and more brands that also offer pencils with a super thin, retractable tip , which does not need to be pinned. They are perfect for those who prefer a more natural look and need to fill a few holes and intensify them, without having to completely redefine them, at least if used alone. An indispensable product for me is the eyebrow gel , which allows me to lift my eyes, use less product and concentrate it only where it is really needed. My favorite is Benefit Cosmetics 24-Hour Brow Setter. By applying the gel first, in fact, it is possible to use the pencil in a targeted manner only where it is needed, for a more natural effect , even fur hair, but at the same time defined where there are holes or the eyebrow needs to be reconstructed. And then, I manage to keep them in place, preventing too long hairs from moving or falling back.
Source: 123rf Another really easy to use and very useful product are powders and eyeshadows . There are specific ones, often slightly more waxy and that stick better to the hair, but classic eye shadows are also fine, as long as they are of the right color and without luminous particles.. I prefer them on those who do not have a very thick eyebrow or have many spaces to fill, because the dust, sticking to the hair, creates greater volume and body, thickening them . In fact, cream or waxy products tend to flatten the hair and remove volume, therefore the effect is less full on an eyebrow with few hairs. But be careful to choose a color that fits the color of the hair, as otherwise you will notice the detachment. If you have dyed hair, for example red, it is better to make a base structure with a color similar to that of natural hair and then tap a shade that is similar to that of the hair color. The eyebrow pomades
are all the rage, real colored gels or creams, to be applied strictly with an angled brush. The effect is modular , in the sense that you can opt for a graphic , defined and full eyebrow, as well as for a natural effect , hair to hair. However, they are more difficult to use , the risk is to apply too much product and end up with too thick, too false eyebrows and too far out of their natural edges. Again, just do a little practice! Another perfect product for those who do not have to carry out special adjustments to the shape and design of the eyebrows, but simply intensify them, thicken them and keep them at bay, are the colored gels.. Sometimes they are enriched with small fibers that help to make them more full-bodied, other times they contain only pigment, to fill the holes quickly , without the need to precisely redesign the shape or hair. In addition, they are a 2in1 product that colors and fixes, to prevent the eyebrows from moving.
Finally, we have relatively new products, which are becoming increasingly popular on the market, and they are the eyebrow markers . They have the classic shape of an eyeliner, with a felt tip, a liquid “ink” inside. They are mainly designed to create a natural eyebrow, redesigning it hair by hair. Care must be taken to choose the most suitable color, because in contact with the skin it could turn to ash, or green, or be too dark, especially if you have to draw the hair on the front. With a little practice you learn how to dose the pressure to be exerted to create the design, so that everything is truly extremely natural.

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