When it comes to “hood”, the meanings can be manifold. The lowest common denominator to the various expressions used in everyday life is represented by the relative, elevated position of what is identified as a “hood”. In domestic spaces, the hood is a piece of furniture that is placed in the warmest and most intimate room of the house, the kitchen. It matches the stoves and dominates them with the task of sucking in the fumes and odors of the food.
Therefore, even in the prosaic everyday life, the hood stands high and renders its benefits with a very specific function. A modern kitchen hoodintegrates various commands, from that for its traditional task to remote control, from timer to personalized lighting. The modern kitchen hood has evolved its condition from a necessary household appliance to a real design object . Kitchen hood: types and characteristics Kitchen hoods
are much more than a fundamental element for the extraction of fumes: they are a real piece of furniture characterized by different styles depending on the kitchen in which they are inserted. Made more and more often in a highly technological way, modern hoods are silent and effective.
To safely choose the cooker hoods that best suit your needsIt is necessary to carefully evaluate not only the model, that is the aesthetic aspect of the hood, but also and above all the technical performance . As for the model, it is possible to choose a built-in kitchen hood , characterized by a flat shape, or an under- cabinet kitchen hood , slightly protruding and positioned below the wall unit in which it is installed.
How to behave when choosing a hood for the kitchen island
In these cases, it is good that the preference is directed to a specific model, to be fixed to the ceiling just above the hob. Again, depending on the positioning of the kitchen itself, you can focus on models ofcorner kitchen hood or on modern downdraft hoods , with downward extraction. Extractor hood models and filter hoods
If design is a fundamental part of the choice of hood, the extraction methods are also important. It should be emphasized that kitchen hoods are not required by law in the case of electric or induction hobs while they must necessarily be installed in the case of a gas cooker.
There are two types of hoods: there are models of extractor hoods and then there are filter hoods. The former are made in such a way as to suck in the fumes deriving from combustion and expel them outside through a flue. When it is not possible to create a duct that allows the evacuation of the fumes to the outside, then it is possible to opt for filtering hoods. These provide an aspiration phase as in the case of the previous hoods but, not being able to expel the air to the outside, they are equipped with a special filter, capable of purifying the air by retaining harmful residues and introducing the air thus purified again. in the environment.
When choosing kitchen hoods, therefore, some parameters must be considered that not only concern the size and positioning, the shape and technical characteristics of the hood, but also and above all the possibility or not of having a ventilation duct for the selection of an extractor hood or a filter model. Modern kitchen hood: technology and design
A modern kitchen hood and a real piece of furniture that fits harmoniously into the context of a space equipped with furniture with innovative and essential lines. However, it should be emphasized that even within a classic context, a modern kitchen hood is an element with high technology, compliant with the required standards regarding consumption and respect for the environment . Not only that: modern hoods, regardless of the style in which they are made, are real smoke control tools, equipped with different controls to optimize the use of the hood itself.
If the simpler models, in fact, have only one button for brightness and one for turning the fan on and off, the most complete modern kitchen hoods allow you to set a series of parameters such as time and speed of the fan, auto-off, programming, timer and much more. Furthermore, in many advanced models it is possible to adjust the intensity of the light according to the needs. In amodern kitchen hood you have the possibility to find electric buttons or touch controls to put into action the different functions provided by the specific model. It goes without saying that remote control is also possible in the latest generation kitchen hoods . Many functions for the highest quality in the modern kitchen hood
The different functions present in a modern kitchen hood are strictly connected not only to the level of quality, but also to the needs of those who use it. Usually, those who love cooking and spend a lot of time in the kitchen prefer to have avant-garde and complete solutions, capable of making food preparation more controlled, safe and precise. For this reason, stove enthusiasts will find ample benefit from a hood with adjustable lighting , as well as from a model with an auto-shutdown function , to be sure of a correct extraction of fumes with consequent control of consumption.
Still, those who love to spend a lot of time cooking can benefit from the presence of aintegrated timer that will eliminate the problem of controlling cooking times. Depending on the kitchen hood model, the types to which it belongs and its characteristics, you can have a mechanical or a digital timer. The presence of an LCD display is increasingly common in the different types of modern kitchen hoods, as well as a series of lights and indicators that allow you to monitor the status of the filters or other possible problems relating to the correct functioning of the hood. How to choose the perfect designer kitchen hood for your home
As with all furnishing elements, even in the case of a modern kitchen hood the choice cannot be based only on one’s aesthetic taste, but must also take into account practical needs .Kitchen hood: the right measures
Both in the case of a designer kitchen hood and in that of a simpler model, the first aspect to consider is the dimensions , which must always be equal to or greater than those of the hob. For this reason, if the hood and hob are not purchased together, it is necessary to carefully check the measurements of the latter before selecting the different models of designer kitchen hood to be considered. Normally, for a kitchen hood, the measurements range from 60 to 120 cm in width. The best cooker hood height for your needs The best cooker hood height must
also be evaluatedfor the characteristics of your home. It is a variable size depending on some parameters, including the length of the flue gas outlet and the distance between the hob and the ceiling. This factor is especially important when choosing a hood for the kitchen island , a model that needs to be fixed right to the ceiling. In this case, therefore, the height of the hood must be evaluated according to the situation: in particular, not only the distance from the ceiling must be carefully considered, but also the height of the hob. The construction materials of the cooker hood
Another step to take is the selection of the cooker hood based on the materials of construction. If on the one hand, in fact, it is possible to prefer one type of material over another, it should nevertheless be emphasized that the presence of some constructive elements is an indication of high quality. The best hoods are always made of stainless steel : this material can then be enriched with wood to ensure a more rustic look to the hood or with glass , for a more modern design. In addition to the material that makes up the body of the hood, we must not forget to evaluate that of the filters. These can be of two main types: acrylic or steel / aluminum. The former must necessarily be changed periodically because they are perishable while the latter, more resistant, can be simply washed and reused. The suction power of the best kitchen hood for your home
The suction power of a hood is defined by the flow rate, that is, by the suction capacity of cubic meters of air per hour. This too can be different depending on the model and must be selected taking into consideration two elements: the volume of the room where the kitchen is located and the frequency of use of the hood.
As for the relationship between the volume of the room and the suction capacity, it should be emphasized that the best kitchen hood for your home should ensure a complete change of air. For this reason, depending on the size of the room and the number of people who are there regularly, a suitable hood should be chosen, with a flow rate that can range from 350 cubic meters per hour up to values ​​greater than 500 cubic meters per hour. . As the flow rate increases, as can be easily understood, the power , and therefore the consumption, also varies: to have a correct evaluation of these parameters, the fluid dynamic efficiency scale must therefore be checked.. It is a scale very similar to that of energy efficiency, with symbols ranging from A (higher efficiency and therefore greater convenience) to G (lower efficiency, i.e. lower convenience). Energy efficiency class of the extractor kitchen hood
The last fundamental parameter to be carefully considered when choosing kitchen hoods concerns consumption, or rather the energy efficiency class of the hood.. This value allows you to understand the consumption / performance ratio in order to calculate how convenient each model is. It is always advisable to choose an extractor hood that guarantees lower consumption and that, at the same time, has a high flow rate. While, on the one hand, it is relatively easy to find kitchen hoods of energy class A or A +, i.e. with low electricity consumption, on the other hand it is not always so easy to associate high fluid dynamics efficiency with these low consumption. The most convenient hood , therefore, will be the one that will allow for low consumption and at the same time high suction power. Kitchen hood: stylistic typologies
The useful and the necessary cannot just be ignored. When you need to choose an appliance such as an extractor or filtering kitchen hood, the first thing to do is to dive into the sea of ​​the product’s technical characteristics that match your needs. And after
After comes the moment of the real choice. And here other factors also come into play, in addition to the useful and the necessary.
Often the extractor or filter cooker hood is purchased together with the kitchen. But in some cases the choice of the appliance that has the function of carrying out the complete exchange of the air in the kitchen is done separately.proposals on the market, or you can evaluate the possibility of personalizing the kitchen space with an appliance with a particular design.
If the choice of the extractor or filter hood is independent from the kitchen structure, it is necessary to take into consideration the style of the furniture in which it is inserted. Currently there are kitchen hoods on the market for all tastes, from the more discreet ones on a visual level, which blend in an environment with a minimalist charm, to those that gladly strut with exuberant stylistic traits. Vintage hood for the kitchen: a vintage item on the stove
A vintage hood for the kitchencompletes a rustic environment, or characterized by classic furniture, with sinuous shapes and decisive chromatic notes. It can be made in a simple, trapezoidal shape that winks at tradition, or with recycled materials, such as a bathtub that has by now out of date and is mounted upside down over the stove. In its cavity there are the motor and the filters necessary to carry out the air exchange. Shabby chic kitchen hood: harmony and soft colors
The shabby chic kitchen hoodit is perfectly at ease in those rooms with soft colors, furnished with furniture that tells of having been used for a long time. The aged appearance of the objects is however studied with art and it is not known if their story is true or invented to stimulate our imagination. They are spaces that inspire tranquility and peace, give feelings of harmony and serene calm.
How is a shabby chic kitchen hood
To recognize a real shabby chic kitchen hood who is right for us, it is necessary first of all to make an evaluation of the colors that characterize it. The shabby chic style prefers pastel shades, delicate shades, which impose themselves, but leave the eyes free from aggressive chromatic attacks.
The trapezoid shape is suitable for a shabby chic kitchen hood and the materials that most enhance its character are wood, masonry, stone and the presence of simple majolica tiles. Suspended kitchen hood: essentiality looking to the future
The suspended kitchen hood is perfect in a minimalist style kitchen, which ventures into details with futuristic suggestions. The protagonists of the environment are the empty space, the light, the clear lines of the regular geometric shapes. A suspended kitchen hood representative of a sophisticated taste, which appreciates elegance when it is not ostentatious, and conceives essentiality as an aesthetic value. Rustic kitchen hood: warmth and natural materials
On the one hand there is the essentiality, on the other there is the superabundance of details. A rustic kitchen hood finds special correspondences in the context of a furniture in which natural materials are enhanced, such as wood, stone, wrought iron. Lines and volumes are not cut with the ax. They are approximate, but they give the idea of ​​robustness. A rustic kitchen hood highlights the grain and knots of the wood, or it is copper-colored and recalls the dishes of the past, those that are still hanging to give warmth and originality to the environment. It goes well with a brick and wood kitchen, with a terracotta floor and orange tiles lining the walls. Urban style kitchen hood: metropolitan design above the
La stoveurban style kitchen hood fits perfectly with an environment fully furnished in a style reminiscent of metropolitan settings. The place par excellence for urban style furniture is the loft, a living space that recalls the features of production environments, with high ceilings, large windows, exposed beams and bricks, together with the pipes. The dominant material is metal, the prevailing color is gray. But through textiles and details, the environment is livened up. Therefore, the urban style kitchen hood is inconspicuous, but very personalized, with lines that highlight the function of the object and its material aspect. Masonry hood for the kitchen: a welcoming atmosphere, like in the countryside
A masonry hood for the kitchenthe masonry that joins the load-bearing walls of the structure is inserted in the context of a fully equipped room in the same way, with the same material. It must be placed close to sturdy walls, between 25 and 30 cm thick, and measures 90 x 35 cm, more the grip than from the outside so you have to consider another 15 cm. Inside the masonry hood for the kitchen there is a PVC pipe which forms the support for the air intake. Measure 100 mm.
The masonry hood for the kitchen helps to create a rustic environment, with a warm and welcoming atmosphere, which suggests the harmonies of the countryside, giving the feeling of being surrounded by a large, green and luxuriant garden. Black or white kitchen hood: opposites attract
Unablack or white kitchen hood helps to perfect a room created in a contrasting style, with the colors of light and night juxtaposed. The visual effect obtained is strong, defined, and highlights the geometry of the furniture and the separation of spaces. The black or white kitchen hood can be an element of contrast or an object that fits in chromatic harmony with the whole block of the stove and the storage compartments of the room. Cylindrical kitchen hood: a latest generation classic
The cylindrical cooker hood is usually mounted on the kitchen island. It is made of metal and gives a futuristic touch to the environment, with its metallic reflections, the curved, smooth and sparkling surface. It is a typical element of modern-style kitchens that are placed in apartments or villas with large size.

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