Turin is a splendid city in the north of Italy , the capital of the Piedmont region. It is a city with a great cultural and artistic ferment and a thousand things to see , but it is also surrounded by a land full of greenery, snow-capped mountains and hills, typical products, enchanted places to discover. In short, it would be a shame to go to the city and lose everything around, so let’s see together what to see around Turin: the best day trips.

1 – Tour of the Langhe

Between the provinces of Asti and Cuneo there is a green area characterized by gentle slopes and important crops: the Langhe. Here extraordinary vineyards grow, capable of giving a wine known throughout the world: Barolo. If you are in Turin,dedicating a day to these places is truly a wonderful gift to give . Different tours are available that lead to the discovery of Alba, Barolo and its Wine Museum, and all the other villages located in the Langhe which have been named World Heritage Sites by Unesco .

  • Distance : 67.8 km
  • How to get there: from Turin you can easily reach Alba by local train from Porta Susa station, it takes about an hour and the ticket costs € 5.75 each way. The races start in the morning at 05:35 and there is one every hour, until 20:10 for the return. Alba is the starting point to participate in the Langhe tour and by choosing the voucher in the link below, the exact address of the stop will then be indicated
  • Hours: from 10:30 to 17:40
  • Ticket cost: € 9.99
  • Recommended cards, tickets and tours: Tour to discover the Langhe hills

2 – Sacra di San Michele
Photo by Elio Pallard. About 31 km from Turin , in the direction of the snow-capped Alps that surround the city with such majesty, there is the Sacred Abbey of San Michele, a symbol of Piedmont with rare beauty , in fact it inspired Umberto Eco for the famous novel Il name of the rose.

The abbey is perched on a rock, from the top you can enjoy a unique viewon the surrounding mountains and on Turin: it is truly a place of the soul that recalls peace and silence. With this tour you can of course visit the Abbey, inhabited by religious, and immerse yourself in an ancient, medieval world: this is exactly what the tour is called, and it includes the transfer by private bus, the entrance tickets to the Abbey. and guide.

  • Distance : 31.5 km
  • How to get there: the tour starts from Piazza XVIII December in Turin, in front of the Porta Susa station – Get directions
  • Hours: 08:45 to 14:00
  • Ticket cost: € 38.00

3 – Reggia di Venaria
About 9 km from Turin is the Reggia di Venaria, one of the most beautiful and important residences of the Savoy family , of considerable architectural and artistic interest. Immersed in the greenery of a beautiful garden, the palace was designed in Baroque style and built between 1658 and 1679 by the architect Amedeo di Castellamonte. The palace was originally intended to serve as a hunting reserve for Duke Carlo Emanuele II. Over the centuries it has changed its appearance several times until it reaches the present day and reopens in 2007 after a long restoration, decreed a World Heritage Site by Unesco . To admire in particular, inside, the Chapel of Sant’Uberto. Today the Royal Palace is a continuously evolving cultural project eit hosts many interesting art exhibitions . In fact, it is possible to buy a single ticket that allows you to visit the gardens, the Royal Palace and the exhibitions inside it.
The entrance ticket for Venaria Reale is included in the Piemonte Card, which we recommend that you purchase if you want to visit other attractions in the region such as the Stupinigi Hunting Palace, the Cinema Museum, the Automobile Museum and others.

  • Distance : 9.9 km
  • How to get there: from the Dora GTT station, reachable by the Dora Express bus from Porta Susa, take the train towards Germagano and get off after 8 minutes at the Venaria Reale stop. Tickets cost € 1.70 each way – Get directions
  • Hours: closed on Monday, open from Tuesday to Friday from 09:00 to 17:00, Saturday, Sunday and holidays until 18:30
  • Ticket cost: € 25.00 for the ticket which includes a visit to the palace, exhibitions and gardens

4 – Basilica of Superga

The Basilica of Superga overlooks the city of Turin from the top of a hill . It was built between 1715 and 1731 by King Vittorio Amedeo II to thank the Madonna for the victory against the French. The massive project was carried out by the architect Juvarra. The Basilica is really very beautiful, with its iconic entrance made up of 8 Corinthian columns, its dome 75 meters high which makes it visible from every point of Turin. Inside there is also the Royal Crypt with the tomb of King Carlo Alberto , and the complex also includes the Royal Apartment. It is a symbolic place of Turin, unfortunately often remembered also for the 1949 air tragedy that killed the entire team of the Grande Torino. A place that gives great peace as well as a superb view over the city, it really deserves to be visited.

  • Distance : 8.6 km
  • How to get there: from the city center with line 15, from piazza Castello, towards Sassi, or from piazza Vittorio with lines 61 or 68 towards Sassi. Tickets cost € 1.70 each way – Get directions
  • Hours: in summer it is open to visitors from 10:00 to 13:30 and from 14:30 to 19:00 with last admission at 18:15
  • Ticket cost: € 5.00 includes the Royal Tombs and the Apartment

5 – Stupinigi
Photo by Daniel Ventura. The Stupinigi complex is located south of Turin, in the territory of Nichelino , within a natural park where there is the Palazzina di Caccia dei Savoia, an authentic masterpiece of the architect Juvarra . and also a medieval castle and the Castelvecchio di Stupinigi . The Palazzina di Caccia can be visited at certain times while you can freely access the park, the ideal is to dedicate the whole day to the complex and maybe have a picnic in the park in contact with nature : there are numerous animals that populate this area protected, like squirrels, storks, foxes.

  • Distance : 10.4 km
  • How to get there: by bus from Turin it is necessary to take line 4 to the terminus, and then line 41 towards Orbassano, then get off at the Stupinigi stop. The ticket costs € 1.70 and the journey takes about three quarters of an hour. There are also Sadem bus lines that operate the service on the Turin-Pinerolo line, at a cost of € 1.90 – Get directions
  • Hours: the building is open from Tuesday to Friday from 10:00 to 17:30, Saturdays, Sundays and holidays until 18:30
  • Ticket cost: € 12.00

6 – Po river park
South of Turin there is a protected area along the Po river, all surrounded by greenery, which includes the river park: here it is possible to take long walks on the banks of the river and even picnics, there are numerous equipped areas . The area named Le Vallere is divided between the municipalities of Turin and Moncalieri, and is very popular with the Turinese who are looking for a little fun and relaxation, inside there is a playground for children, a cycle path and a for horses , a landing place for river navigation and fences to let your dogs run free.
The area called the Molinello, between Moncalieri and La Loggia, is undergoing grandiose redevelopment works to eliminate all those illegal structures along the Po river and transform the entire area into the green reference point of the city of Turin.

  • Distance : 14.6 km
  • How to get there: from Porta Susa station you can take the train towards Pinerolo and get off at the Moncalieri Sangone stop, the ticket costs € 1.90. From here, the area parking is about 2 km on foot. Or, from the Piazza Carducci stop in Turin you can take bus 259 towards Via Nizza and get off at the Roma stop, from here there is about 1.5 km to go. The ticket costs € 1.70. From the city center it will take about half an hour – Get directions
  • Hours: always accessible
  • Ticket cost: free

7 – Forte Fenestrelle
Photo by Alessandro Vecchi. Forte Fenestrelle is located outside Turin, in the valley of the Chisone river . Construction began in 1727 by order of King Vittorio Amedeo II, who commissioned the engineer Bertola to build an imposing fortress to protect the valley. The works were completed more than a century later, in 1850. What emerged is a real 3 km long wall , also known as the great Piedmontese wall, along which the whole complex develops. The work follows a multi-level constructionalong the ridge of the mountain, between the first and last elements there is a difference in height of 600 meters. It is truly suggestive and a unique place of its kind, worth a day trip outside Turin.

  • Distance : 70.5 km
  • How to get there: it is about 70.5 km from Turin, via the A55 by car it takes 1 hour and 20 minutes. By public transport, the fastest way is to take the train from Turin Porta Susa to Pinerolo, the cost of the ticket is € 4.15. In Pinerolo take bus 282 Sadem lines towards Pinerolo Cavour, and then change to bus 275 towards Sestriere and get off at Fenestrelle. The bus ticket costs € 3.80. In all it will take a couple of hours – Get directions
  • Timetables: it is essential to book the visit, by calling or writing, there are various types. The office hours are from 10:00 to 13:00 and from 15:00 to 17:00, open every day in summer. For information see the official website
  • Ticket cost: tickets vary according to the type of visit. The full day excursion costs € 15.00, while the one-hour visit to Fort San Carlo alone costs € 5.00.

8 – Ivrea
It is a town declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and has always been linked to the history of the Olivetti company. Here is, in fact, the museum-laboratory, which exhibits since the first models: typewriter, calculators and personal computers.
The Giusiana gardens are very beautiful, on which the tower of Santo Stefano stands out, built in 1041 and formerly part of a 16th century monastery. The open-air museum is very interesting : two km of modern art , works in glass, steel and reinforced concrete.
Unmissable ten minutes from Ivrea are the five lakes and the dancing lands : pools of water, some even suitable for swimming, surrounded by these soft lands that make the surrounding shrubs tremble at every step.

  • Distance : 51.7 km
  • How to get there: it is 51.7 km away, about 46 minutes by car. The train leaves from Turin Porta Susa or Turin Porta Nuova and takes 52 minutes (€ 5.75 each way). The Sadem 265 bus leaves from Turin-Corso Bolzano bus station (2 minutes on foot from Porta Susa) and takes 1 hour and 8 minutes; or alternatively Bus 3133, from stop 10001 in Via Fiochetto (€ 4.00 each way) – Get directions
  • Hours: Olivetti Museum is open only Saturday and Sunday, from 3:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Museum of modern art: always open. Gardens and lakes: always open
  • Ticket price: Olivetti Museum: € 5.00 (full), € 4.00 (over 65), € 3.00 (under 12)

9 – Castello di Govone
Photo by Georgius LXXXIX .. Located in Govone, in the province of Cuneo, this castle was the residence of the Savoy family from 1792 to 1870. From 1997 it became part of the UNESCO heritage .

In Baroque style, it exhibits original furnishings , wonderful canvases and paintings imported from the East, galleries decorated with stuccoes, Chinese rooms and apartments that once housed princes and princesses.
It is also surrounded by a wonderful garden , with wood hedges, sun-eyed tulips and a rose garden of ancient and fragrant roses.
The other castles are also very interesting, which together with that of Govone form the complex of the Savoy residences: the Royal Residences that belonged to the Savoy family.

  • Distance : 52 km
  • How to get there: 52 km away – 1 hour 1 min by car. Bus 049 Autolinee Giachino leaves from Turin-Esposizioni in Corso Massimo d’Azeglio (3.9 km from Porta Susa station, reachable by metro stopping in Nice) and takes 1 hour and 24 min – Get directions
  • Hours: open only on Friday from 16:00 to 19:00, Saturday and Sunday 10: 00-12: 00/16: 00-19: 00
  • Ticket price: € 5.00 (full), € 4.00 (over 65)

10 – Alessandria
Photo by Alessandro Vecchi. It is a beautiful town in Piedmont, which rises to the right of the Tanaro river.
Characterized by numerous squares surrounded by elegant arcades, here it will be unmissable to visit the cathedral, which houses a wooden crucifix dating back to the fifteenth century , the Museo del Cappello Borsalino, which exhibits many models of extravagant hats in use in the 1900s, documenting the history of the manufacturing art of the hat, begun in 1913 by Giuseppe Borsalino.
Characteristic are the buildings that you will encounter while walking around the city: the Municipal Palace with its red facade, the Palazzo delle Poste, decorated with mosaics, and the noble eighteenth-century Palazzo della Prefettura, which belonged to the Ghilini family.

  • Distance : 87.3 km
  • How to get there: it is 87.3 km from Turin, which can be covered in about an hour by car. The train leaves from Turin Porta Nuova and takes 59 min (€ 7.80 each way) – Get directions
  • Hours: cathedral: 8: 00-12: 00/15: 00-18: 30; Museo del Cappello: 15: 00-19: 00 exclusively on Saturday and Sunday
  • Ticket cost: free

11 – Lake Candia Natural Park
Surrounded by the morainic hills and the beautiful villages of Candia Canavese, Vische and Mazze, this natural park is an excellent idea to spend a day outdoors and in total relaxation.
It will be perfect for a walk among the paths , admiring the native fauna and the many blooming water lilies that make the lake truly enchanting. The park is also equipped with an equipped area and a bar, to enjoy a picnic or a quick meal, completely immersed in nature.

  • Distance : 39 km
  • How to get there: 39 km – 44 min by car. We recommend the train from Torino Porta Susa to Chiavasso (€ 3.55); from there Bus Sadem 265 to Caluso (€ 3.00), alternatively you can opt for the Sadem 265 bus from Turin-Corso Bolzano bus station towards Pont Saint Martin-Piazza IV Novembre which stops in Candia Canavarese – Get directions
  • Hours: always open
  • Ticket cost: free

12 – Abbazia di Novalesa
Photo by Cruccone. Founded in the 8th century, this Benedictine abbey is located in the Susa valley and is a truly suggestive place, surrounded by silence and peace.

Adorned with valuable frescoes and a beautiful cloister , the Abbey still maintains its ancient chapels, which have remained intact despite time and many historical vicissitudes. The chapel of Sant ‘Eldrado is beautiful.
The Abbey is now inhabited by seven friars, who will guide you to discover it.

  • Distance : 62 km
  • How to get there: 62 km away – 58 min by car. By public transport we recommend the train from Torino Porta Nuova to Susa (€ 5.25); from here continue to Novalesa with Bus Sadem 286 or 274 (€ 2.00) – Get directions
  • Hours: it is possible to visit the abbey at specific times and days, which change according to the time of year. It is therefore advisable to visit the official website
  • Ticket cost: free

13 – Tre valli di Lanzo
Photo of Chiarafrancesetti. An alpine landscape is the one offered by these three valleys: Val Grande di Lanzo, Val d’Ala and Val di Viu, which fan out from Lanzo Torinese, just 29.7 km away from Turin.
Clean air, mountain paths and small streams of fresh water, for a trip dedicated to adventure or relaxation. On the spot, in fact, it is possible to take part in fun excursions, practice climbing or mountaineering .
The villages that arise in the district of the valley are interesting: Cantoira, Chialamberto, Groscavallo, Ala di Stura, Balme, Viu, Lemie and Usseglio. Small characteristic villages where it will be possible to stop to recharge and still admire beautiful mountain landscapes.

  • Distance : 29.7 km
  • How to get there: about 29.7 km from Turin and can be reached by car in about fifty minutes – Get directions
  • Hours: always open
  • Ticket cost: free

14 – Susa
Photo of Pippo-b. Crossroads between Italy and France, this splendid town is located in the center of the Susa valley and is an unmissable destination in the surroundings of Turin.

Characterized by numerous Roman and medieval monuments , among which towers and the remains of ancient castles stand out, this city has an ancient charm to be discovered.
Do not miss the Arch of Augustus, dating back to the 1st century BC, the Savoy gate, an example of Roman military architecture, the Castle of the Countess Adelaide.

The surrounding landscape is enchanting, allowing long and relaxing walks or more adventurous bike excursions .

  • Distance : 53.3 km
  • How to get there: it is 53.3 km from Turin and can be reached in an hour and 20 minutes by car. The train takes 1 hour and 8 min from Turin Porta Nuova (€ 5.25) – Get directions
  • Hours: always accessible. The castle can be visited at specific times and days that change according to the time of year. It is therefore advisable to visit the official website
  • Ticket cost: € 6.00 (full); € 3.00 (Police forces, groups of up to 15 pax, residents, holders of museum passes or Torino + Piemonte card); Free Children from 0 to 6 years, Teachers, Disabled people + carers)

15 – Pinerolo
Photo of Francofranco56. Piedmontese town with a medieval heart. Located about 40 km from Turin, it has a cultural heritage that is affected by Italian roots and French influence . For years the town was in fact disputed between Italy and France.

Surrounded by the remains of medieval walls , this city still retains numerous buildings dating back to that era: palace of the Princes of Achaea, dating back to 1318, still today and a private house. The historic buildings are very beautiful, such as the Town Hall which today houses the Civic Museum, which exhibits collections of ancient weapons, coins and nineteenth-century paintings.
Also not to be missed is a visit to the Miradolo castle, just 15 km from Pinerolo: an eighteenth-century neo-gothic style mansion, surrounded by a park full of flowers and giant bamboos.

  • Distance : 37.4 km
  • How to get there: 37.4 km away – 48 min by car. The direct train leaves from Turin Porta Susa, € 4.15 each way – Get directions
  • Hours: Civic museum open only on Sunday. 10: 30-12: 00/15: 30-18: 00. Miradolo Castle is open only on Sunday, from 10:00 to 19:00
  • Ticket price: Miradolo castle: € 10.00 (full), € 8.00 (from 6 to 14 years and over 65), free (children up to six years)
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