technology consultancy firm in Andalusia . The need that many public and private entities have to advance in the digital transformation means that new projects from all sectors continuously arrive at the Everis facilities in Seville.
This obviously affects employment. As reported by Jose Angel Perez, the company’s manager in Andalusia , he plans to expand the workforce in 2021 by 250 people, until reaching the psychological level of 1,500 in the region. To achieve it, it seeks scientific-technological profiles of the FP and the university environment, fundamentally in the branches of computer science, telecommunications, mathematics and physics .
But this time, unlike other occasions, Everis will focus more on searching for profiles from anywhere in the region , given the good results of the teleworking formula. “For us it is an opportunity to hire people outside the physical environment of the office -says Perez-; that is why we are promoting hiring in Almeria, Jaen; Malaga, Granada… It is being shown that the teleworking format, which in these months we have taken it to the extreme, it works. We have not perceived significant productivity losses”.
Everis usually looks for people who have just finished their training, young people who, according to Jose Angel Perez, now have more opportunities in Andalusia due to the displacement of many technologies out of saturated markets such as Madrid and Barcelona. Normally, they start internships at Everis -which has an agreement with almost all Andalusian universities- and they usually stay, with an indefinite contract, in 75-80% of cases , according to Perez. In addition, in 2021 the company will also recruit experienced staff. “Normally it is between 5% and 10%, but this time the percentage will be higher” , says the person in charge of Everis in Andalusia, who justifies this greater weight in the need to find very specific profiles and also with command and supervision capacity. .
Everis, chaired by Eduardo Serra, is a Spanish multinational owned by the Japanese NTT Data “with a fundamental focus on digital transformation,” says Jose Angel Perez.
Everis in Andalusia is a benchmark in the fields of health and Public Administration
“We help clients to make all their internal processes efficient and that the services they provide to their clients and citizens are of a higher quality” .Invoicing 1,454 million in 2019, it has a presence in 17 countries and has more than 27,000 workers. Of them, 55% are in Spain and of that 55%, 10% are in the two headquarters in Seville, in La Cartuja and Torre Sevilla, although the idea, when the pandemic passes, is to combine 50% face-to-face activity and telecommuting.

A benchmark in health and public administration

Andalusia, and Seville in particular, “is a benchmark in the application of new technologies in the field of health and in digital transformation in the field of public administrations,” says Jose Angel Perez. But that does not mean that it is limited to that, since it is also immersed in projects in the financial or energy fields. “95% of the projects for local clients are managed from Seville, but additionally, we work on projects for clients that are not local”, that is, they are anywhere in the world.
From here, applications have been developed to speed up the management of public procedures and eliminate paper, and they have also been exported throughout Spain.In the field of public administration, Everis has a center of excellence in Seville made up of around 100 people . And, in the field of health, an intelligent ICU has been created, which measures and relates patient information with the aim of predicting future behavior in a given disease.
Jose Angel Perez assures that, now, the great project of Everis in Andalusia, and throughout the world, consists of adapting to the new reality.Not only in what refers to teleworking but also in the reassignment of functions, since activities such as tourism or aviation have paralyzed their technological investments. “At the beginning of the pandemic we created the talent protection committee, where free people around the world were reviewed weekly and the needs were sought to give them work. It is something that says a lot about us and it is not an easy task,” says the responsible for Everis in Andalusia.

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