Treaties, euro, internal market and more. Here are the ideas of Matteo Salvini’s League on Europe. In-depth analysis in the special of Start Magazine on the electoral programs of the parties in view of the European
The Lega (single party) has not published its program for the European elections, but on the main issues concerning Italy’s accession to the EU the positions of Matteo Salvini and del Carroccio are quite clear. MEMBERSHIP TO THE MENL
First of all, it starts with the League’s adhesion to the project of the Movement for a Europe of Nations and Freedom (Menl), which includes various right-wing and sovereign parties from various countries, starting with the Marine Le Pen National Grouping. The Menl, as a starting point, “believes that the sovereignty of states and peoples, relying on collaboration between nations, is a solution. It therefore rejects any policy aimed at creating a super-state or any supranational model ”with“ opposition to any transfer of national sovereignty to supranational bodies and / or European institutions ”. ONLY IF THE TREATIES ARE REDISCATED
In concrete terms, in the program with which Salvini presented himself in the 2018 elections, the EU is defined as “a gigantic supranational body, devoid of true democratic legitimacy and structured through a sprawling bureaucratic structure that dictates the agenda to our Governments also in detriment of the physical and economic protection of citizens of individual Member States “. In this EU “we want to stay” but “only on condition of re-discussing all the Treaties that place constraints on the exercise of our full and legitimate sovereignty, effectively returning to the European Economic Community prior to the Maastricht Treaty”. As for the euro, “the main cause of our economic decline”, the League has “always looked for partners to start a shared path of agreed exit. We will continue to do so “.RETURN TO PRE-MAASTRICHT STATUS
With the revision of the Treaties, the “return at least to pre-Maastricht status” and the “recovery of sovereignty”, for the Lega “a profound correction of the functioning of the internal market is indispensable, aimed at eradicating the phenomena of dumping within the Union ; abolish the rules alien to the different legal traditions of the Member States; stop the excess of homologation, which kills biodiversity and only favors production on a multinational scale “. In this sense it is necessary, for the Carroccio,REVIEW THE CAP
In tax matters, the program states, “we want to encourage the return of companies that have relocated in the last 10 years through a profound revolution in the tax system with the flat tax at 15% and productive public investments in particular for the South, by building infrastructures, land maintenance, reindustrialisation but also giving impetus to intangible activities with a strong multiplier such as scientific research, culture, art and tourism “. The European agricultural policy (CAP) must then be profoundly revised,RETRACTING RELATIONS WITH MOSCOW WITHOUT BETRAYING THE USA
In foreign policy, relations with Moscow must be re-established, without losing its historic alliance with the US. “The détente and openness to collaboration with the Russians – argues the League – should not be seen as an alternative or done to the detriment of the relationship with the United States of America, which remain Italy’s ally of reference”.
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