At the Atlas Arena in Lodz, Poland, Mazzanti’s Italy defeated Ukraine without too many worries in the second match of the European Championship . It ends 25-16, 25-18, 25-10 for the Azzurre who can improve from the point of view of the game, but who find an excellent evening in service . Ukraine not at the level of Italy and that can do nothing against Egonu, Sylla and companions. Today, at 6 pm, he is back on the pitch against Belgium.
Italy does not get distracted and against Ukraine respects the prediction in the second round of the 2019 European Championship. of the Azzurre have yet to record something, while on the bench Mazzanti invites his girls to continue playing. A fate that assists Italy when Malinov’s service rests on the tape and then falls into the Ukrainian camp for 16-12. Ukraine that ends up under pressure and in an attempt to recover in the score makes too few mistakes by slipping back 20-14. Italy more relaxed and lucky again, Sylla in lob touches the tape, but still finds the 23-16 which becomes 24-16 again with the service on the tape and then on the ground by Sylla. Closed set by Sorokaite, hands out and 25-16 Italy. Italy’s attack is now in rhythm.

Egonu begins to hammer and also the defense is more continuous in his plays.A great first half cut by Chirichella sends Italy 7-3 ahead, which stretches 8-3 with Sorokaite’s block. But the carelessness returns and Ukraine is still close to 9-8 with a ball not controlled by the Italian defense. But Mazzanti’s team shakes up, great defense, powerful attack by Egonu and the margin returns comforting to 16-11. S ylla takes a splash of his intensity, Egonu is ready to block and it is again Sorokaite to close with a tight attack on 25-18 . Chirichella’s party hops open the third set, not an easy first half brought down by the Italian captain who pushes the Azzurre forward at 5-1.
Everyone to look up because on the challenge called by Mazzanti the ball pinches the line and then it is 12-3 Italy, with Ukraine that is no longer able to find points and seems to definitively leave the scene from this challenge, also because Danesi enters and immediately places two large walls that keep Italy in control at 16-6. Sylla has not finished yet, single block and Mazzanti points to it to compliment, Italy ahead 20-7 and one step away from second success in the group. Three points that become official on the umpteenth busted attack of Ukraine that even after the challenge does not change in its outcome, with the set ending 25-10.
ITALY – UKRAINE 3-0 SCORE (25-16, 25-18, 25-10

ITALY: Sorokaite 12, Folie 3, Egonu 20, Sylla 14, Chirichella 8, Malinov 2; De Gennaro (L), Parrocchiale, Danesi 4, Orro. Ne Fahr, Nwakalor, Bosetti, Enweonwu (L). All. Mazzanti.
UKRAINE: Politanska 1, Kodola 3, Gerasymova 2, Rykhliuk 3, Stepaniuk 8, Trushkina 2; Karasova (L), Dorsman, Denysova 2, Kraiduba, Peretiatko. Ne Karpets, Velykokon, Nikolaichuk (L). All. Yegiazarov.
REFEREES: Ivanov (Bul), Kurtiss (Let).

26/8 Italy-Belgium (6 pm); 27/8 Italy-Slovenia (9 pm); 29/8 Italy-Poland (9 pm).

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