As for the favorite teams of Europe 2020 , everyone has their own personal opinion and in this article we collect the predictions of some illustrious insiders. Never like this year, the competition seems difficult because there are 5 or 6 teams candidates for the final victory and a lot will depend on the state of form of the athletes.
In general, most of the bookmakers and the big names in football put France , Belgium and England as the main favorites. They are followed, in no particular order, by Spain , Germany , Italy and Portugal. An unusual case is the presence of 3 teams that could potentially raise the cup in Group F, certainly the toughest of all, from which one or both finalists could come.

Favorite European 2020 Teams – Predictions
The national coach Roberto Mancini talks about the favorite teams at the 2020 European Championships and puts France in first place, due to the overflowing squad of world champions. In second place places England , which always arrives in the semifinals and is full of excellent young players, especially in attack. And then it enters Germany , also because of its centuries-old history. Italy _, according to him, it could be the third or fourth force in the league.
Former striker Christian Vieri agrees with Mancini and thinks that France are the strongest team ever, also because they can count on Benzema ‘s return . He, who knows about attackers, therefore puts the transalpines in the very first range and indicates Lukaku as the possible top scorer of the tournament.
The German defender Sule places France and Portugal on the same level because they are veterans of the 2016 World Cup and European Championships, respectively. The group will therefore be a good test for his Germany to measure the level of the German team.
Former Arsenal coach Wenger talks about a dominance of central Europe, with France, Belgium, England and the Netherlands. According to him, however, the super-favorite remains France , above all in virtue of the immense offensive potential of the transalpines; which still have further room for improvement and have not reached the maximum peak.

Fabio Capello goes a little against the trend, considering England as the favorite, provided, however, that you play with a free mind and do not think about the last world championship. For the Friulian coach, the English have great potential in terms of technique and dynamism.
For the Ukrainian coach Shevchenko, a national team candidate to win the European Championship and theItaly , which has recently been offering good football. He considers it a team that it is preferable to avoid meeting and let’s see if the facts will prove him right.
The great striker Lewandowski , on the other hand, indicates France , England and one of Germany and Italy among the favorites, while his Poland will try to carve out an important space in the competition.
Portugal coach Santos puts France, Germany, Spain, England, Italy and Belgium on the same level as Portugal. He does not choose a favorite but a group of teams who play it starting at par and does not rule out possible surprises.

Prediction of the CIES Euro 2020
The International Football Studies Center (CIES) used statistics to determine which teams are most likely to win the European Championship. In this ranking, France is in first place, followed by Germany, Spain and England . Italy is in sixth place and the position of Belgium is somewhat surprising, relegated to eighth position; it seems to us that the institute tends to underestimate the Red Devils of Belgium a little too much , who have an incredible squad.

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