A new opportunity to be a billionaire next Friday, October 15, 2021. No one was able to win the huge jackpot this Hispanic Day.
In the EuroMillions draw held on October 12, there were no first-class winners, so the biggest jackpot in its history follows for the next draw on October 15: 220 million euros that could be won by a single winner.
The resulting combination for the October 12 draw has been 06, 13, 22, 45, 49 and Stars 10 and 11. The Million : SRD58712. The ticket awarded with this draw was validated in Huelva.
As there is no first category winner, everything that has exceeded the pot has been distributed among the second category winners. Each of the nine second category winning tickets has been awarded more than 1.3 million euros.

220 million until October 26

In the event that there were no first category winners in said draw on Friday the 15th, the figure of 220 million would be maintained for three more draws, until October 26, as explained in a Lotteries and State bets.
If then there were no first category winners, the pot would go to the immediately lower category in which there was at least one winner.
According to Lotteries, Spain is one of the luckiest countries since the birth of EuroMillions in 2004, since in total the jackpot has hit 102 times. The largest prize distributed in our country was 190 million euros, in the draw on October 6, 2017, for a winner from Las Palmas de Gran Canaria.

What the Treasury would keep

In the event that a Spaniard takes the 220 million from the Euromillions, the new millionaire must take into account that one of the first things he will have to do after collecting the prize is to pay the Treasury. With the 2019 amendment, the amount exempt from payment was raised to 40,000.
If in Spain a person is lucky with the 220 million, the first 40,000 euros are exempt. Therefore, the amount to declare will be 219,960,000, from which 20% will have to be withheld. In this way, the Treasury would take its particular Euromillions of 43,992,000, almost 44 million euros. The net profit for the player would be 176,008,000 euros.

Big mistake

Up to 40 people who have won the Euromillions have lost their chance to get rich for the simple mistake of not knowing that the tickets have an expiration date.
This rule affects all the winners, from the winners of the first category to those of the thirteenth, and if the prize is not claimed on time, it will go to the State coffers.
In Spain the period is three months counted from the day after the draw. If there is a holiday, then it is extended one more day.

Categories of matches and winners

1st (5 + 2)00Pot
2nd (5 + 1)901,315,699.94 €
3rd (5 + 0)25814,703.33 €
4th (4 + 2)7891,467.86 €
5th (4 + 1) (
_ 3 + 0)178,170,27,6479.13 €
11th (1 + 2)2,584,226,133,1818.28 €
12th (2 + 1)1,020,988,144,0826.08 €13th (2 + 0)2,584,226,381,0683.87 €

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