Erection, a natural process for pleasurable sexual intercourse

  • Erection, a natural process for pleasant sexual intercourse
  • 5 essential oils to use for a better erection
    • Ylang ylang oil to improve your sexuality
      • How to use
    • Cinnamon essential oil, against impotence
    • Ginger essential oil, against sexual fatigue
    • Rosa damascena, to stimulate your senses
    • Vanilla essential oil
  • How to use essential oils
    • Primo step
    • Second step
    • Third step (for women)
    • Fourth step (for men)

Life isn’t always what we want it to be, and at times, men and women around the world experience a drop in libido. Before getting stressed about its exact cause, you should try some essential oils for sexual desire.
Here’s how essential oils can improve sex life:

  • They can be rubbed into the skin to raise the body’s temperature. They have warming effects;
  • With their rich fragrances, they open the mind and make it more receptive to amorous stimuli;
  • Essential oils also improve blood circulation. This is an important benefit for increasing sexual arousal;
  • Their fragrances can also trigger a variety of emotional reactions in the brain. This is why it is important to choose the fragrances you love;
  • These aromatic oils can also awaken the senses and do magic on your libido.

5 essential oils to use for a better erection
Essential oils are very concentrated substances. They need to be mixed with a carrier oil before being applied to the skin. Recipes for lotion massage are very simple to do. For an aphrodisiac massage oil, it usually takes up to 15 – 20 drops of essential oil per 30ml of carrier oil.
You can also mix up to 10 drops of essential oil with a cup of pink salt and add it to a steaming bath. The water temperature should be 37 C.
The steam will ensure a good dispersion of the oil molecules you will inhale. This type of bath can help you relax, unwind and put yourself in the right mood.
Another great way to enjoy the aphrodisiac effects of essential oils to boost libido and diffusion.
You can use an electronic essential oil diffuser. Add up to 5 – 6 drops to the water bowl and leave it on for 20 – 30 minutes, every 2 hours. Make sure the room is well ventilated when spreading. This is to avoid headaches or nausea. Some essential oils for lovemaking can have very strong scents. Ylang ylang oil to improve your sexuality
Cananga odorata, otherwise known as the queen of flowers. Ylang Ylang is a liquid oil that can harden over time. It has a pale yellow to orange color and a very floral scent, similar to jasmine. And one of the best essential oils for female arousal.
Ylang Ylang has many beneficial properties for health and mind. But above all, it is a very pleasant and sensual essential oil.
Ylang Ylang is among the best essential oils for female stimulation. The oil also has calming effects: it calms and balances the nervous system, regulates blood pressure and respiratory rate.
Ylang-Ylang has antispasmodic properties that relax the muscles.
The oil helps dilate blood vessels and improve circulation. This feature can benefit both men and women, as far as sexual stimulation is concerned. How to use
It may be too strong a scent, so Ylang Ylang should be mixed with other essential oils (citrus) when diffused or applied.
Its delicate fragrance can lift and induce a warm and romantic mood. Temporary fatigue and tension in the body can be relieved with a simple massage lotion. If you are looking for pleasurable love essential oils, Ylang Ylang should be among those of your choice. Cinnamon essential oil, against impotence
This spice offers a lot of benefits, including sexual stimulation. The scent not only stimulates the immune system, but also the sexual harmony oil.
Cinnamon supports the reproductive system and helps heal sexual problems. It is also warming, which increases blood flow and circulation, and this is obviously important in achieving a full and satisfying state of arousal. It is an important libido stimulator. Dilute it with a carrier oil in a ratio of 1 to 4. Ginger essential oil, against sexual fatigue
Ginger essential oil is used to treat several different mental and physical pathologies.
In aromatherapy, ginger essential oil is known as the oil of enhancement because it promotes self-confidence and courage. It is excellent if used before sexual intercourse, because it will make you feel more daring and will not make you feel physical fatigue.
You can easily extract this therapeutic oil by steam distillation from the root of the ginger plant, which is an underground rhizome. It is a light yellow oil rich in gingerol with a spicy, overwhelming and pungent aroma. Rosa damascena, to stimulate your senses
Rose essential oil is a type of essential oil commonly used in aromatherapy. Obtained from the Rosa damascena plant, it contains the aromatic compounds of the flower. Because these compounds are thought to have healing properties, rose essential oil is used for a number of health-related purposes.
Rose essential oil can also be inhaled after spraying a drop or two onto a cloth or fabric, or using an aromatherapy diffuser or vaporizer.
According to aromatherapy practitioners, inhaling essential oil molecules, or absorbing essential oils through the skin, transmits messages to the limbic system, a region of the brain responsible for controlling emotions and influencing the nervous system.
It seems that this essential oil has an excellent effect on the body: it is relaxing and, of course, prepares you for a sexual intercourse to remember. Vanilla essential oil
Technically there is no vanilla essential oil, what is used is an oleoresin. Regardless, vanilla is a warm and welcoming scent perfect for any romantic moment. And a nice addition to a sensual aromatherapy blend.
It is certainly among the most suitable for creating a certain mood, and having an exciting effect before sexual intercourse. How to use essential oils
In addition to the uses we have already talked about, we cannot fail to mention massages.
A massage itself is very relaxing and is a great preview of a romantic night. But when you add some essential oils for that romance to be even more intense, a massage can be the catalyst for what’s to come.
However, this situation requires some attention and caution. First step
Make sure you are not allergic to the essential oils you are about to use. Do a patch test on the inside of the forearm with a diluted drop of the essential oil you would like to use. Observe him for a day to see if there are any allergic reactions.
Prepare your romantic massage oil. Warm it between your palms before applying it to the other’s skin. Second step
When massaging your loved one, never touch their nose, eyes, ears or mouth with the essential oil blend. Mucous membranes are very sensitive. The genital area should also not be touched with the mixture.
If you are using a condom, make sure that the essential oils do not touch the gum as they can cause it to break. Wash your hands with soap after each massage! Third step (for women)
Have your partner lie on his stomach and start massaging his back with gentle, wavy and round movements. Insist on the kidney area with the same movements. Use one hand or both. Finish the massage with the hips and upper buttocks. Fourth step (for men)
Have your partner lie on your back and massage gently, with small circles followed by larger movements. Massage the belly and the lower part of the navel (navel), and finish with the hips. These are all stimulating points for each sex. Using essential oils to improve mood and libido can speed up the process.
In general, relaxing massage movements can also be along the spine and chest, or the soles of the feet.

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