We continue in the battle of mask prices . The Eroski supermarket brand has decided to reduce the price of its masks by 80% to 15 cents per unit . this reduction has been applied to non-reusable ones for both children and adults. Wearing masks is mandatory, so large surfaces want to make life easier for people.
We lower the price of all adult and children’s disposable hygienic masks again! Only 15 cents a unit. Your health and safety is the most important thing. Available in the super online➡️ https://t.co/KqtYKb0B7y or in your nearest EROSKI. #NowMoreQueNeverWithYou pic.twitter.com/Kf4OGLfgoc
— EROSKI (@EROSKI) November 19, 2020
The Basque distribution cooperative company has carried out this action to “take another step in its firm commitment to the safety and savings of its consumers” . In this sense, a study has been carried out that confirms that Spanish families spend between 17 and 76 euros per month on this health tool . In times of economic crisis that we also live in, this expense may be unaffordable for those people who are unemployed or in a situation of Temporary Employment Regulation File .
Eroski has a wide range of products in its supermarkets but also encourages its customers to use digital media more. From its website, an extensive range of health products can be purchased online, ranging from reusable masks, through hydroalcoholic gels of different quantities and ending with non-reusable ones at the price indicated above.
The businesses opted from the beginning for the lowest possible prices, prices that now join the modifications established in the Official State Gazette in which the maximum price for disposable masks was announced, 0.72 cents . This measure was carried out due to pressure from organizations such as FACUA , which still believe that this type of measure should be dispensed free of charge.
After the review of the Executive of Pedro Sánchez in collaboration with the Interministerial Commission on Drug Prices , this agreement was reached to lower the price after the decision also of the Government of the nation to reduce the VAT applied to these products from 21 to 4 percent .
The masks seem to be with us for quite some time . In addition, between the time the vaccine arrives and its use becomes effective, whatever the model, it is an essential element to safeguard the health of the population.

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