Today is the birthday of Ermal Meta, one of the most loved Italian songwriters. With a truly incredible apprenticeship behind us, let’s discover together his biography and the most beautiful phrases of his songs. After all, every text by Ermal is a real poem. HERE also our unpublished interview, where Ermal told us about his latest album. Biography of ERMAL META
Author, producer, multi-instrumentalist and singer, Ermal Meta takes his first steps as front-man
of the group La Fame Di Camilla , with whom he realizes three studio albums “La Fame di Camilla” (2009), “Buio
and light ”(2010) and“ The wait ”(2012). Since the beginning, the group has been the protagonist of intense activity
live which led them to perform on almost 500 stages throughout the peninsula. Then they arrive at the Sanremo Festival 2010, presenting in the competition in the Youth section the song “Dark and light”, which quickly becomes a very successful song.
Once the group experience has been archived, Ermal Meta undertakes the activity of author, which over the years
has led him to sign pieces for important Italian performers such as, among others, Marco Mengoni, Francesco
Renga, Emma, ​​Annalisa, Chiara Galiazzo, Patty Pravo (with whom he duetted), Clementino, Francesco
Sarcina (on whose record he also worked as producer and arranger), Lorenzo Fragola, Elodie;
In February 2016 Ermal released his first solo album, “UMANO” (on the Mescal label),
presented at the Sanremo Festival with the song “ Odio Le Favole ”, which won the 3rd place among the
New Proposals. In 2017 he won the podium among the big names of the festival with the song ” Forbidden to die “. In February 2018 he won the 68th Sanremo Festival with the song ” You did nothing to me “, presented by Ermal Meta together with Fabrizio Moro, and written jointly with Andrea Febo. In March 2021, Ermal is competing at the 71st Sanremo Festival with the song ” A million things to tell you “, and wins the 3rd place and the “Giancarlo Bigazzi” Award for the best musical composition, awarded by the
Orchestra . Ermal Meta, “I wish you to find your wound, creativity flows from there”
We interviewed ERMAL META exclusively on his latest album. An intense interview on music, creativity, literature and more. The most beautiful phrases of the songs
ERMAL META’s hits are really hard to count. As difficult as the most beautiful phrases are to quote. With a simple and direct style, Ermal is always able to describe and touch the most intimate areas of our soul, always giving us indescribable emotions.
“I called you love in a foreign language and you understood me because you don’t need translation.”
“It’s nice to love yourself, and to say it every now and then.”
“You will always be
the exception of a defect
A slow breath
That beats time
That nobody ever stops”
“What I want from you, I can’t explain. But if you go away, you take my dreams with you. ”
“What a great noise things make when they start.”
“Every pain has served you and you don’t know it, to build your smile, that beautiful smile you have now.”
“You say I have to take care of myself, and now that it’s not the same, now that everything has changed.”
“But the only way I know to love myself is through you.”
“Galaxies of people dispersed in space, but the most important is the space of a hug.”
“And fear shattered the thoughts that others thought about the bones.”
“I don’t remember why you’re not there anymore,
You miss me and I don’t know, I miss you and you don’t know.”
“We looked at each other among many, the same fate never happens again.”
“If there was a caress for me for every mistake I made, I would have a beautiful heart, yes, without a scratch and without even fears.”
“They say there is nothing more fragile than a promise”
“You become more beautiful with every breath you take and you lengthen my life unconsciously.”

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