Versatile, robust and undemanding, the equipped walls are able to enrich the environment without engaging.
The living room wall unit will be an important piece of furniture because it manages to enclose the sideboard and bookcase in a single piece of furniture, hide the TV cables, and add a “carry all” space without weighing down the furniture.
The main features, common to all equipped walls, are the sturdiness of the materials and the versatility of use, which is why they are so popular and adapt to all styles.
These peculiarities are reinforced especially in the living room, an area of ​​the house that needs various uses.
You have an important dinner
You can keep the party service in the storage wall and flaunt it for a special occasion.
By maintaining a linearity in the elements you will be able to furnish your living room with style without exceeding, you will be able, thanks also to the equipped wall, to have everything in order without forgetting an original and personal touch.
Without sacrifice and with an extra touch, the equipped wall gives that feeling of order that is lacking in a respectable living room !
Take a cue from these ideas to enrich your living room with a functional equipped wall:

  • Modern equipped wall for the living room: embellish the TV area
    • Poliform living rooms: sophisticated equipped walls
    • Which modern equipped wall to choose: Sangiacomo solutions
  • The equipped wall in the living room: the solution to convert an “off space” into an “on” space
  • Which equipped wall to choose for a shabby chic living room
  • Unique and original: build a perfect equipped wall for your living room

Modern equipped wall for the living room: embellish the TV area
The need to enrich the furniture with accessories is a common denominator of all styles. Using an equipped wall , especially for the TV area, means adding a winning touch to your environment.
In the last period, the trend is to combine linear and simple furniture, which manage to make the accessory the protagonist and do not invade the view with important presences.
The equipped walls are the ideal solution to keep the order of the environment under control and keep in plain sight memories of the last trip and significant objects for the members of the family.
Prefer a linear and solid shape to an object full of movement, in this way you can change the arrangement of the accessories by adding an innovative and original touch to each variation, you can play with colors and volumes, perhaps choosing to display furnishings or books. .
The equipped walls are present on the market in many variations:

  • composed of several elements, they adapt to more static environments as they allow infinite compositions and combinations;
  • unique pieces, generally recalling design touches, ideal for minimal environments or furniture with a modern cut.

The extra touch: choose the perfect equipped wall for the corner of the living room intended for the TV, in this way you can hide the cables without making holes in the walls! On the market there are various models of modern equipped walls , perfect for different environments but with a contemporary style in common. Browse the web and discover the wonderful high design brands that produce solutions that could be right for you. Poliform living rooms: sophisticated equipped walls The Poliform
brand produces multiple solutions for a functional living room with clean lines. Complete your home with only the best equipped walls in the industry, produced with precious and resistant materials. TheQuid model , for example, is an absolutely versatile modular system, which allows different configurations perfect for avant-garde environments. The project, characterized by a strong aesthetic impact, features refined details and fine finishes. Quid best interprets the daily needs of a contemporary living. This and other Poliform models will allow you to find innovative ideas for exclusive equipped walls. Which modern equipped wall to choose: Sangiacomo solutions
Design your living room relying on professionals in the sector who are able to advise you in the best possible way. In the numerous Sangiacomo stores you will find container systems capable of forming a modern equipped wall, organized and tidy, in an unobtrusive and very creative way. The brand produces customized compositions that will allow you to live your living area in a harmonious way, in tune with your refined aesthetic taste. The equipped wall in the living room: the solution to convert an “off space” into an “on” space
In vogue in recent times, the equipped wall is able to enrich the room and be, at the same time, a piece of furniture. The most evident feature for this piece of furniture is the versatility and the possibility of being customized , perhaps by choosing prints to be glued on the visible surface, so as to create a play of color between the accessories in the room.equipped walls , are more successful especially in the living room . It is in this room that greater rigor and linearity is needed.
Another use for the wall units in the living room and as a support base for a functional living room, positioned near the entrance door: choosing to use a door vase could be the perfect solution to not lose the house keys!
The benefits of an equipped wall are not just about aesthetics and order, choosing a wall system for the living room is synonymous with a comfortable and functional solution.
If the convenience is given by the possibility of a wide choice of motorcycles, in fact there are infinite variables on the market, on the other hand the task of functionality is fulfilled by the possibility of “hiding” all those objects that you would not know where to put, the boxes are designed exactly for this reason!
Another function of the equipped wall , and to act as a light point , on the market there are accessories that applied on the shelves allow you to have an excellent light point to create an atmosphere. Which equipped wall to choose for a shabby chic living room
The style that prevails in your home is shabby chic
What better occasion to add an equipped wall that recalls all the characteristics of this style!
Apparently shabby chic (literally scruffy chic) ​​is a style that leaves the field free to everything that is neglected and left to itself, on the contrary, using this style in furnishing means placing the accent on the smallest of details.
The first feature that catches the eye is the culture of white, the palette of shades is very limited.
The “soiled” white with natural veins is the perfect formula to respect the shades of this style, alternatively you can play with the combination of pastel shades, but maintaining a light contrast.equipped wall you can dare in the materials, but you must stick to the shades of color, an essential diktat of the shabby chic style .
Use the shelves of your equipped wall to add details, such as frames with old photos, trinkets or small collections that bring to mind the “warmth of grandma’s house”, this is the goal of this style: to convey a romantic allure to the environment.
Yes to the imagination, but especially with regard to the choice of materials. Antique-looking wicker, raw wood, linen, cotton and iron, these are the materials that perfectly recall the shabby chic style. Prefer a wooden storage wall, so that it is solid and sturdy, and paint it with a neutral color. Enrich with iron elements such as small cages or trinkets found perhaps in some flea market, only in this way you can have a unique wall unit in perfect shabby chic style ! Unique and original: build a perfect equipped wall for your living room
Finding the right furnishing components for our home is a rather complicated business, and in some cases even expensive. This is why choosing to create some elements directly in the garage becomes a necessity.
The equipped wall,thanks to the versatility it guarantees, it can be built easily even by beginners. The first step to respect and choose the ideal material for our environment, function and aesthetics play fundamental roles in this choice, precisely because the strength and durability of our “unique piece” depend on them. Wood is the most used material, thanks to the possibility of being resistant and assemblable, it allows you to create customized shelves and unique finishes, perhaps enriched and painted with resins, necessary for the addition of particular details.
The metalIt is preferable to create the skeleton, especially if you use the equipped wall as shelves for heavy objects, in this way, you will avoid seeing the piece of furniture created with your hands collapse.
If you already know which material to use, you just have to imagine your cheap and perfect equipped wall , perhaps taking a cue from the ideas on the web, if you are not ready for DIY, there are dedicated services that help you dissolve all the doubts! Here, you can ask for information at no cost!

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