The secret of beautiful skin, beyond the treatments or beauty products that we use, is in a good facial cleansing. It is useless to apply expensive creams or invest time and money in expensive facial treatments if we do not carry out a correct facial hygiene routine . Regardless of whether we wear makeup or not, the skin of the face is seriously exposed to all kinds of external agents that alter its very nature . Pollution, the aforementioned makeup, the use of a mask and the secretion of sebum itself make our skin get dirty.
Even when we sleep, when apparently no factor alters our skin, this process occurs. Therefore, it is vitally important for the skin of our face to look healthy to carry out a correct ritual of facial hygiene , so important is the process, that Asians carry out double facial cleansing with a beauty trick to have skin porcelain. Keep in mind that each skin needs its own cleansing routine, but, in general, the process is similar and should be done twice a day (morning and night).
As part of the facial cleansing process, especially if we want to bet on a deep cleansing, once a week we must resort to an exfoliating treatment., with the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčeliminating dead cells and renewing the skin naturally. After surprising us with its new lipstick with a personalized color, now Mercadona sneaks into our facial hygiene routine with its new facial enzyme peeling, the exfoliant with which we will achieve that deep cleansing of the skin and that cannot be missing in our routine of beauty.
With extracts of green and red marine algae, Mercadona’s new facial enzyme peeling is our newest beauty discovery and for a super cheap price (7 euros for a 100 ml bottle) it deserves that we make a little room for it in our facial hygiene ritual. weekly.

Facial enzyme peeling, why it should be in our beauty routine
Enzyme peeling is the most gentle exfoliating treatment that exists , a characteristic that makes it the best option when treating very sensitive, reactive and delicate skin. This type of exfoliation is based on the use of natural products whose enzymes are capable of renewing the skin naturally.
In the case of Mercadona’s new Clean Deliplus Facial Enzymatic Peeling, it is a product suitable for all skin types, it complements deep cleansing through exfoliation , purifying the pores and refining its texture. Enriched with green and red marine algae extracts, as well as high-value botanicals, it provides a gentle yet effective enzymatic exfoliation.with AHA (alpha-hydroxy acid) from fruits.
Replenishes and preserves the moisture of the skin, in addition to protecting with its antioxidant action against environmental hazards and free radicals in the air, thus strengthening skin self-protection. Its balanced mineral content provided by ocean water and seaweed provides the energy that facilitates skin regeneration.

How to use the facial enzyme peeling

The application of the Mercadona Clean Facial Enzyme Peeling should be done once a week on clean and damp skin, performing a gentle massage, avoiding the eye contour. Next, she is allowed to stand for five minutes and rinsed with warm water. In the case of sensitive skin, it must be applied and then removed immediately. Very easy to remove, does not leave a greasy sensation after rinsing.

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