Enrique Olivares Garcia, the false priest who was sentenced in 2014 for assaulting the house of former PP treasurer Luis Barcenas and kidnapping his family, has died in Cuenca at the age of 72, according to El Dia digital.

Olivares died of natural causes at 8:00 am on Saturday , as confirmed by sources at the Ronda Alameda Funeral Home in Cuenca, where the wake was set up.
The funeral was held this Sunday at 10:00 in the parish of Nuestra Senora de la Paz in Cuenca.
Enrique Olivares was convicted in 2014 for a crime of trespassing, three crimes of kidnapping, three crimes of threats, a crime of illegal possession of weapons and three misdemeanors of injuries and, currently, he was in the third degree prison. This allowed him to sleep at home with telematic control.
The magistrates expressly set 18 years in prison as the maximum limit for the effective fulfillment of the defendant’s sentence, so that the rest of the sentences imposed would be extinguished once said maximum had been met.

He was going to be interrogated in October 2020 in the framework of the Kitchen operation, but the judge of the National High Court Manuel Garcia-Castellon decided to suspend it after the forensic examination found that he was not empowered to testify.

The magistrate cited him as a possible accomplice in the crimes of embezzlement and bribery of the police operation organized to spy on Barcenas . In fact, already in 2019, he ordered an investigation of the list of people who had come to visit Olivares in prison, the calls he had received during his stay in the prison, as well as the identity of the people who had entered the prisons. cash accounts –250 euros in the first days of the month–, as a result of a request made by the Anticorruption Prosecutor’s Office in January of that year.
Between the proceedings, the judge alsoHe asked to find out the origin of the revolver used by the false priest in the assault to try to determine if he was one of the people captured by the ‘Kitchen’ plot .
It was the weapon with which, once he entered the house after posing as a prison priest to process Barcenas’ parole, he threatened Rosalia Iglesias, her son Guillermo and a domestic worker . “Either you tell me the information that knocks down the government or I’ll kill you,” he warned them, according to the police report, included in the summary of the ‘Kitchen’ case.

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