Streaming friends are partying with the arrival of HBO Max in Spain.Streaming has been installed in the homes of the Spanish. Enjoying series, movies and documentaries comfortably installed at home has become a relaxing entertainment option for everyone. And you only need a Smart TV, a tablet or Smartphone, Wi-Fi and a good platform. It is the most economical and personalized fun for leisure.
The platforms compete for the market, with different content proposals and prices. One of the most complete and has conquered more customers is HBO Max, Warner Media’s streaming.
These days, HBO reinvents itself,and with this renewal it aspires to continue being the number one in the market. The usual platform was disconnected, but in its place HBO Max was born.The new format is launched in Spain with very convenient news for subscribers. Extensive and updated content, new movies and also the most complete variety of series and documentaries, everything is on HBO Max.
But, in addition, the new platform is launched in Spain with a payment plan for new subscribers that is attracting crowds.
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Features of HBO Max

HBO Max has a monthly payment plan. The subscriber pays €8.99 per month, just as he had been doing in the old system. You can also opt for the annual payment in advance, in which case you will pay €69.99 for the whole year, the equivalent of €5.83 per month. An interesting discount that HBO Max maintains for its usual subscribers.

But HBO Max is activated in Spain with a discount impossible to resist . In celebration of their new platform, new subscribers are rewarded with a 50% fee reduction. For €4.49 per month it is possible to enjoy the most complete and up-to-date streaming platform.
And the great news is that this promotional price will not only last for a while. The half-price fee will be forever for those who subscribe to HBO Max.
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Advantages of HBO Max

Those who are already HBO subscribers know that its content is so diverse that the whole family finds what they like.

The catalog.The catalog has everything, for children and adults. In HBO Max there are the classic titles of Max Originals, Warner Bros, HBO, Cartoon Network, DC. In the new HBO Max, the premieres will be incorporated into the platform 45 days after their presentation.A few days after it appeared on the theater billboard, it will be on the platform and you will have it at home.

Multi-device and multi-profile.With a single account it is possible to use HBO Max simultaneouslyon up to three different devices on the same account. The interface adapts to televisions, tablets, Smartphone… No more fighting between children or teenagers who prefer a certain movie, everyone can see what they like. It supports up to 5 profiles, which customize the platform so everyone can keep their preferences.

Unlimited downloads.There are people who love to download their favorite movies. They have them at hand, they view them repeatedly, even if they don’t have an internet connection. Downloads are unlimited on HBO Max.
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How to subscribe to HBO Max

The HBO Max offer is for new subscribers. That is to say that the people who were already members of the old HBO, will continue with their payment plan. They will pay €8.99 per month or go to the annual payment of €69.99.
New subscribers will enjoy the benefit of the promotional fee: €4.49 per month. But, beware, the possibility of subscribing to this new HBO Max plan in Spain has deadlines . The promotion began on October 26, the date the platform was launched in Spain. The deadline is November 30.
Impossible to miss this opportunity to enjoy the most complete and updated streaming platform of the moment. HBO Max keeps moving forward.
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