English windows are immediately recognizable as they are characterized by slats that divide the glass surface into various sections.
They are the hallmark of historical / noble buildings, and are found especially around large windows with atypical shapes, for example rectangular with rounded top.
Once they were made by inserting crosspieces and uprights into the frame on which the glass was then placed.
Nowadays, however, to facilitate and speed up the execution, it is customary to insert the “reticulate” in the double glazing or apply it directly on the glass (making it adhere).
It is clearly necessary to rely on experts for this type of work; experts that you can find on the quote comparison platform “Quotalo.it” that puts you in contact with the window manufacturer closest to your home.
English-style windows are really in great demand on the market and can be made, in addition to wood which is the building material par excellence, also in PVC and aluminum.
If you are interested in PVC joinery, read our resource on the best manufacturers of PVC joinery. English windows: a question of style!
When furnishing a house, the watchword is harmony.
Therefore all the elements should marry and merge with each other, without clashing.
Including doors and windows, which should adapt to the furnishings not only in terms of color, but above all in terms of style.
Thus the English windows find their perfect combination with period furniture, country and shabby chic furnishings, thanks also to the variety of colors and woods in which they are proposed (from fir to pine, from oak to larch).
For example, if the house is furnished according to shabby chic trends, the following model, which next to the English style has the traditional gulf shape, allows to obtain a truly particular and elegant effect.
Obviously a choice of this type for the exteriors of the house and quite binding also with respect to the interiors.
Therefore, the most appropriate choice will be to combine French windows and interior doors with the same style. If you want you can also opt to follow the same style for the entrance door.
Here is a gallery of interiors in English style !! English-style windows – classic, but not always!
The English window widespread in English-speaking countries and mostly of the sliding sash type.
The hinged models are more used for French windows and front doors.
There are also hybrid versions, with hinged opening in the upper part and sliding opening in the lower part.
As mentioned, the elegance of the English windows finds its maximum accord with the romanticism of the antique white furniture and accessories such as cages and linen fabrics.
Old England fixtures are essential for modern Victorian style furnishings, which is characterized by sinuous and graceful shapes, skilful color contrasts and accessories in brass and velvet.
Both the furniture rich in inlays and ashlar that embellish the shabby furnishings, and the four-poster beds with richly inlaid headboards of the modern Victorian style are combined with the English windows.However… It is true that it has been said that this kind of window is combined with styles with a classic, elegant, vintage flavor. It is true that in their more traditional version they are declined in white wood .
It is true that they usually make a fine show of themselves in prestigious architecture, of historical and / or noble value.
But there are exceptions.
And luckily these are beautiful and successful exceptions!
Such as the solution below.

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