We now live such a hectic life that requires us to always be at the top of our strengths that we would need super-powers to be able to not succumb: we withstand situations of physical and mental stress that even the Hulk would have a hard time enduring.
The real problem, however, is that we live as superheroes without being born with superpowers.
What to do then
Since we have no escape, we have to create super-powers by ourselves by taking care of ourselves day after day with the aim of having more and more energy to better face each day . Let’s find out together, in addition to some useful and practical advice, properties and benefits of using energy supplements against stress and physical fatigueeveryday.

Super-Powers: the perfect recipe against stress and fatigue
The perfect recipe for creating a super-power is made up of three ingredients:

  • Proper nutrition aimed at increasing our energy and concentration
  • Regenerating sleep
  • Integration with nutrients and plants

Let’s go through each ingredient.

The first ingredient: nutrition

Foods and eating behaviors that take away energy
Before talking about which foods can provide us with a greater supply of energy, it is important to understand which foods and eating behaviors can take away energy. Let’s start with foods that can take away energy. The foods par excellence that can take away energy are those foods that we eat systematically, but to which we are unknowingly intolerant. The main offenders are all those foods that contain gluten and dairy products. Without necessarily taking the intolerance test, trying to eliminate them for a period of time can help us understand if they actually bother us or not. Once reintroduced we will immediately realize if we are feeling less energetic, vital and focused.

Let’s now move on to eating behaviors that take away our energy
Having a diet with a high glycemic index, rich in pre-packaged refined products rich in sugar and white flour (biscuits, snacks, cereal bars, breakfast cereals, crackers, etc.) can be really deleterious for our energy because every time we eat one of these foods, our blood sugar (sugar-glucose in the blood) skyrockets giving life to what is called a “glycemic peak”.
At that moment you feel full of energy, but this effect does not last long, indeed, it lasts very little. Within a few hours you feel tired, with a dull mind and it is hard to stay focused. At that moment the blood sugar had a dizzying collapse and our cells, having no more petrol (sugar in the form of glucose) available, went into black-out. In these situations, the need we feel is to need more sugar and thus a vicious circle is triggered that in the long run not only exhausts our energy, but can lead to serious problems such as diabetes and metabolic syndrome.

Foods and eating behaviors that provide us with energy
So here’s what to do and what to eat to improve our energy and concentration. Definitely follow a low glycemic index diet consisting mainly of whole grains, legumes, quality animal proteins (of organic origin if possible), good fats (extra virgin olive oil, nuts and seeds) and little sugar. anything can make a difference. Starting the day with a slice of wholemeal bread with almond cream (100% almonds) or crushed avocado or oatmeal porridge instead of milk and biscuits or the much praised rusks with jam will change the cards on the table.
Eating a breakfast containing complex carbohydrates (wholemeal bread) and good fats and proteins (in nuts and avocado) will keep you full for longer, your blood sugar will stay stable and you won’t have a drop in energy in the middle of the morning. At lunch it is better to avoid the classic “pasta dish and that’s it” because it mainly contains carbohydrates and the secret to stabilize blood sugar and always add fiber, proteins and fats. Here then is that a nice single dish with brown rice with vegetables and an egg, fish or white meat create a perfectly balanced dish that will make you feel good all day.
There are also many foods that improve energy level and concentrationsuch as pollen (to be consumed in the morning as soon as you wake up), whole grains and legumes, all very rich in B vitamins, essential for the production of energy and for optimal functioning of our nervous system. Vitamin B12 which is found only in products of animal origin (and in “fortified” ones of vegetable origin) is also very important for improving our energy. Inserting these foods into our daily diet will allow us to put the first step in the creation of our superpowers.

The second ingredient: sleep to fight stress
There is nothing that makes us lacking in energy and not very lucid like lack of sleep . It is therefore essential to rest well, if possible 8 hours a night.
Here are some tips to help you rest better:

  • Avoid using smartphones in bed before falling asleep.
  • Avoid working or using the pc after dinner.
  • Stay in soft light and not too strong (this helps melatonin production).
  • Avoid doing intense physical activity after 20.00.
  • Go to sleep before midnight and always at the same time.
  • Eat a nutritious but light dinner at least two hours before bed.

The third ingredient: energy supplements against stress and fatigue
We must realize that, today more than ever, we are subjected to significantly higher levels of physical and mental stress than those for which “we have been programmed”. The speed at which we are forced to go, the time that never seems to be enough, the infinite stimuli we have every day and the always ON mode that we have since we have lived in symbiosis with our smartphones, are not normal. It is therefore essential to resort to extra help from natural energy supplements designed specifically to give us that extra energy supply and focus that we need to keep up with these frenzied rhythms.
They come to our rescueenergy supplements against stress and physical and mental fatigue , based on nutrients and herbal remedies such as those listed below:

  • Carnitine : very important for promoting the use of fatty acids to produce energy at the level of the mitochondria, the energy factories inside cells.
  • Magnesium : Known as the relaxing mineral and often deficient in most people, supplementing it often has immediate benefits .
  • Zinc : essential for energy production . It intervenes in many enzymatic functions without which our body would not be able to perform any function.
  • Ginseng : a plant that has been used for centuries to improve concentration, memory and physical stamina.
  • Gingko : a plant used for centuries in Chinese medicine, it has a very powerful antioxidant effect. Indispensable in case of stress as it itself generates cellular oxidation and improves concentration and memory.

When these nutrients and plants act synergistically as in GO-UP, GINSENG PLUS, GINKGOMAX and GINKGOMAX MEMORY by ESI , the positive effects of each individual component are amplified. We feel so full of energy and more focused, ready to better face our days as Superheroes.

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