There is no doubt that despite the crisis that many companies are going through due to the pandemic, Leroy Merlin has become one of the companies that offers the most job offers in our country month after month. So far this year, it has presented more than 5,000 job offers for all its stores in Spain. And for this summer it is still offering more than fifteen hundred jobs for different job profiles.
Cashiers, vendors, advisors, maintenance personnel, section managers, coordinators, specialists in decoration, plumbing, carpentry, hardware and other multiple disciplines stand out among the wide range that you can consult here by province.
Leroy Merlin has been named one of the best companies to work for according to Forbes. A company of people for people, which brings together both proven professionals in their sectors and young talents to be trained within and promoted to consolidate within their company. Currently, Leroy Merlin has a total of 1,527 vacancies with very different profiles. with prices that usually range between 1,000 and 1,300 euros per month with different bonuses.
Specialists in decoration, plumbing, carpentry, hardware and other multiple disciplines stand out among the wide range that you can find in Leroy Merlin
“Now Leroy Merlin and AKI are a single company, with a common objective, to satisfy the needs of all our clients. If you want to participate in this exciting project, consult all the available job offers and send us your CV. Do you sign up
“, explains the company on its website in the section in which it captures this type of professional.

How to get a job at Leroy Merlin this summer 2021

Leroy Merlin centralizes its offers through its website. Once we have selected the offer that interests us within the available provinces and the different jobs, by clicking on it we have a broader description of what they offer us and a list of requirementsalso detailed about what they expect from us as a company
From then on we will have to attach our CV to their database so that the Human Resources department can study it and follow the guidelines provided in the event that some type of proof is necessary Parallel of a practical nature or product knowledge test in the most specialized branches, either through the company itself or through other alternative selection companies that specify you to send them emails. In this way we will become part of the general list of candidates of your Human Resources team for future options in case we are not initially selected.

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