The problem is that it is difficult for anyone to understand the turmoil that we carry within us, it is almost impossible for anyone to truly understand what we feel and what goes through our heads, even the people we love the most. We are alone in front of our interiority, alone in having to fight what is perhaps the greatest battle: the one with ourselves. And this is exactly what one of the most loved Italian songs ever tells us: “Emozioni” (1970), written by Mogol, set to music and performed by Battisti. Battisti on Spotify, the meaning of “I come back to mind”
Lucio Battisti is finally on Spotify and in this regard we want to talk to you about one of the most beautiful songs of him: “You come back to my mind” Burn
“What burns are not offenses”, sings Lucio Battisti. Because what burns the most, which makes us feel the most, comes from within us, forcing us into a loneliness that is difficult to accept. Yet each of us tries to manage our inner self. We try every day, with all our strength. But how to face an unrequited love
How to manage the pain of a loss
Then we fail, inexorably, but nobody feels it, because “when sadness falls in the heart like snow it makes no sound”. Emotions
Everything we see, hear and feel on our skin gives us emotions: the herons flying over the river, a green meadow, the sun going to sleep, the moor in the morning. The drama lies in managing and dealing with these emotions. Strong, in the song, and the sense of the end, so much so that you may want to do madness, like “driving like a madman with the headlights off in the night to see if it is so difficult to die”. But hope – the hope that “one day a red rose will be born” – we will never lose. We will get closer, to each other. And we will continue to sing this timeless old poem. But “Emotions” and poetry
Yes, because, as Faulkner says, “poetry and the whole story of the human heart on a pinhead” and that’s exactly what the song is about.“An adventure” by Lucio Battisti, a promise of eternal love
The analysis of one of the most famous love songs of Italian music that Lucio Battisti brought to the Sanremo Festival back in 1969 The text
Seguir con gli occhi un herone sopra the river and then
find yourself flying
And lie down happy on the grass to listen
A subtle sorrow
And at night look over the hill to discover
Where the sun goes to sleep
Wondering why when sadness falls Deep
in the heart
Like snow does not makes noise
And drive like a madman with headlights off in the night to see
If it’s so hard to die
And shake hands to stop
Something that is
inside me
But in your mind there is no
Understanding you can’t
You call them, if you want
You call them, if you want
Go out on the moor in the morning
Where you can’t see one step away
To find yourself
Talking about more and about less with a fisherman
For hours and hours
To not feel that something dies inside
And cover a green plant with earth
Hoping that
one day a red rose will be born
And punch a man, just because he was a little rude
Knowing that what burns the offenses are not
And close your eyes to stop
Something that
IS inside me
But in your mind there is no
Understanding you cannot
You call them, if you want
You call them, if you want

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