A total of 153 people of sub-Saharan origin irregularly entered Ceuta early this Friday morning in the first group jump attempt from its land border perimeter for a year.
Eleven Civil Guard agents have been seriously injured during the massive assault and have been transferred to the Septem clinic. The medical report has certified that the eleven agents have been treated for minor injuries, for bruises on arms, legs and hands, although it has also been highlighted that one of them has also been treated for an abrasion in the eyes , apparently after receiving some kind of abrasive liquid on the face.
In the same medical report, it is highlighted that all the agents have been discharged since none of the injuries treated was serious.
The jump occurred around 7:20 a.m. at the Benzu border seawall , where the 8.2-kilometer-long double fence ends at its northern end and where the Ministry of the Interior carried out works at the beginning of 2018 to try to waterproof it. .

One year since the last massive jump

The last group jump from the Ceuta border was recorded on August 22, 2018. A total of 116 undocumented immigrants managed to access the city, but all except three minors were returned to Morocco the next day. applying a 1992 Readmission Treaty.
The president of the PP, Pablo Casado, and the leader of Ciudadanos , Albert Rivera , have expressed their support for the wounded agents.
The president of Vox, Santiago Abascal , has also spoken out about this episode, demanding greater defense of the borders and more resources for the agents. The far-right leader has denounced on his Twitter profile the government’s handling of the migration issue, because according to the leader of Vox, the civil guards and their families “are helpless.”
“Once again our hug and love to the injured civil guards and their families who live in suspense at the border jumps that are abandoned by these governments of shame , those of now and those of before,” Abascal censored.

Seven immigrants perched on the barbed wire returned to Morocco The Spanish authorities have managed to lowerseven immigrants who remained at the top after the massive assault

from the perimeter fence that separates Morocco from Ceuta on the Benzu side . Sources from the Government Delegation in Ceuta have told Efe that after spending a little over two hours at the top of the fence, the return protocol has been applied to all of them. While these immigrants were at the top of the fence, both the Moroccan and Spanish authorities remained vigilant and controlled any type of movement that the immigrants could carry out, including several maritime units .They were in the area in order to act quickly in the event that any of the perched immigrants could fall into the sea . A kind of crane has been used to lower each immigrant perched on top of the hill one by one. border fence and as they touched Spanish soil, the Moroccan authorities picked them up and took them back to the Moroccan zone. Once in Morocco, the authorities of the neighboring country will proceed to transfer these immigrants and those who finally did not manage to reach the autonomous city after being repelled by the Moroccan forces, to the base to order their identification.

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