The amendment proposed by the League regarding the taxation on e- liquids has been approved : liquids for electronic cigarettes therefore return to the old taxation of 2020, without the increase of January 2021. The hope of the operators in the sector is that the directives are not followed of the law for the budget of 2021, which would like another increase of the same tax in January 2022 and 2023.
A success for the League, therefore. His secretary, Matteo Salvini, says he is satisfied with an objective that – in his words – is not just political: it is a service that, in its intentions, the League has done to an entire sector that has given the maximum of its commitment in the period of the pandemic. In fact, that of e-cigIt was a sector that, despite having remained operational in full lockdown, then had to pay the price of the tax increase in January of this year.
The tax on liquids for electronic cigarettes was 15% for those containing nicotine and 10% for those not containing this substance. The League amendment aimed to lower these percentages to 10% (in the first case) and to 5% (in the second case). The Lega operation could be defined as risky, because it was entirely conceived, proposed and signed only by the Northern League parliamentarians, without any coalition agreement that could have secured and blocked the initiative.
Despite this risky attitude, the amendment was in any case proposed and confirmed, finally, in the Budget Commission of the Chamber of Deputies, thus going to modify – due to the broken headset, given the timing – the Support to Enterprises decree. The tax reduction will be active starting from 1st August 2021, until 31st December of the current year. The impact on producers and consumers of the cost of liquids for e-cigarettes
In addition to the enthusiastic declarations of the secretary of the League, Matteo Salvini, favorable comments can be gathered from men and women closer to the e- cigarette sector. The reduction in the taxation of 10 milliliter bottles of refill liquids has in fact a double impact, both on producers and operators in the sector, and on the world of habitual and potential consumers.
As the president of the association of UniEcig electronic cigarette retailers , Antonella Panuzzo, explains, the electronic cigarette, as well as a product for its own sake, is a tool often used by “traditional” smokers to get away from burnt smoke – harmful – and approach to the practice of vaping . In this sense, an initiative – such as that of the Lega – to keep the prices of top- ups for e-cigs lowerends up by encouraging their use, thus resulting in an instrument in favor of the health of the citizen and the healthiness of the environment in which he lives.
From the words of Antonella Panuzzo, it transpires how the load imposed on the world of vape since the beginning of 2021 has been excessive, in terms of taxation and bureaucracy. The post-covid crisis seems to have been paid for by a few sectors, including the vaping sector , one of the few to have remained operational during the lockdown. The amendment proposed by the League, therefore, seems to have arrived to remedy the situation.
Gianluca Giorgetti, vice president and head of institutional relations of Anafe-Confindustria, is also satisfied with this. Ready to grasp the human dimension of the world of vape andelectronic cigarette industry , vice president Giorgetti underlines how thousands of young people, families and businesses can benefit from this amendment, thus addressing words of thanks to Matteo Salvini and his undersecretary, Durigon.
Of course, there remains the specter of the limited duration of the effect of the amendment. Its value, in fact, would end on 31 December 2021. In January 2022, the increase in taxation envisaged by the latest budget law should resume: this – of course – would nullify the effects of this amendment.
Hence, the need – for the vice president Giorgetti of Confindustria and the secretary Salvini of the Lega – to continue to collaborate and support each other to continue the battle in future years, in favor of consumers (who will see the prices of liquid refills reduced for e -cigarettes ) and producers and operators in the sector (which will be less taxed). A battle, in short, in which economy and health are intertwined.

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