How to choose the e-liquid compatible with your electronic cigarette
Liquids are the soul of the electronic cigarette. You decide which one to use, for how long, having full awareness of the components you assume. If you want to learn more about how to give flavor to the vape click here.
All e-liquids have a base of Propylene Glycol and Vegetable Glycerol (usually abbreviated to PG and VG). The first has a liquid consistency and gives fluidity; the second, on the other hand, much denser, is used to regulate the steam. The relationship between these two components is essential to help you choose the liquid compatible with your electronic device. For an informed purchase, avoiding wasting money, you have to take other factors into consideration. Let’s see them together. Choice of liquids based on the heads
Based on the type of electronic cigarette you use and we will tell you which liquid to choose. In addition to personal tastes, you must also take into account the components of your e.cig, in order to purchase a product that is as close to your needs as possible.
The head, also known as the coil, is a part of the atomizer. Made of metal, it consists of a resistance that overheats when the current flows and a small cotton filament that absorbs the liquid through the special holes on the body of the head. Cotton impregnated with e-liquid does not burn but heats up by generating steam.
The central hole is an indicator of the amount of steam that the head is able to generate. It therefore follows that a larger diameter ensures a higher quantity of steam delivered and vice versa. This factor is very important to establish what type of vape you want to achieve and if you are looking for the classic cheek shot or the more intense lung shot. In the first case, the lateral and vertical holes are smaller, in the second much wider. Let’s analyze them in more detail
In jargon, the classic shot in the throat is known as Mouth to Lungs and offers the same sensation provided by the traditional cigarette. You inhale first with your mouth, holding the smoke between your cheeks for a few moments, and then with your lungs. The electronic cigarettes that ensure this effect are much more powerful and characterized by very small holes. In this case, you may appreciate liquids with a 50/50 percentage of PG-VG capable of offering you an experience similar to that offered by the classic blonde.
If, on the other hand, you are an expert vaporizer, you will be in possession of an electronic cigarette with lung shot, able to create little vapor and give you the pleasure of a good aroma. Liquids with a VG higher than 50% (for example 70/30 or 60/40) can be useful for this type of device. This is because by vaporizing a higher amount of liquid with each puff, it would have a too flavored taste, making the experience unpleasant and too intense. You must also consider that modern e-cigs of this type are designed specifically for 70/30 liquids. By overdoing the VG you risk running into leak problems. What happens if you choose the wrong liquid
On the market you will find liquids that can satisfy all your needs. If you have recently stopped smoking analog cigarettes, in order not to make the transition too traumatic, you can opt for products with a tobacco aroma. The very small amount of nicotine contained inside will satisfy your desire for tobacco causing you to never retrace your steps.
You will also find fruity-based liquids, liquorice, mint, but also sweets whose essence and taste are reminiscent of custard, tiramisu, coffee cake and many others.
Should you make a mistake in the choice, the risks that a liquid not compatible with the system of your electronic cigarette can entail are essentially two:

  • liquid leaks. If you choose a liquid that is too fluid for your e-cig, the cotton present in the head cannot hold it, letting it run at the base and then disperse outside through the vents.
  • splint. The splint phenomenon occurs when, on the other hand, as a result of a liquid that is too thick for your electronic device, the head dries up and overheats excessively.

Of course there are exceptions. Some models of heads are equipped with a structure that makes them compatible with most liquids. However, in the event of a purchase error you will not necessarily have to return the item or throw it away. With some tricks you can make the most of even a refill that is not exactly compatible.
To improve the performance of a cheek pull e-cigarette, try reducing the wattage or voltage. In this way the head will absorb less liquid with each hit and will not disperse at the base, working much better.
Close the air, but not completely, to create a sort of vacuum that somehow pushes the liquid in the head.
To avoid cueing, reduce the frequency of your shots. But also be careful not to create too obvious a gap, as you risk making the head stay wet for too long, resulting in dispersion. Conclusions
In summary and to avoid making too much confusion, choose liquids with 50% VG (or even less) for e-cigs designed to guarantee you the classic hit in the throat that tobacco smokers are very fond of. For devices that are ideal for lung shooting, opt for products containing more than 50% of VG. If you buy online, you can even find some indications for anomalous heads, that is, with liquid draft characteristics different from the common one.
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