An electric fireplace is a really practical device for heating the house, and not only for its convenience from an economic point of view. In fact, it is already ready for use, since it does not need to be assembled or assembled: for its installation you do not need a technician, since all that needs to be done is to connect it to the electrical socket of the room in which it is positioned .
Obviously, with an electric fireplace you don’t need to have a ventilation system or a flue available: this explains the reason why electric fireplaces are recommended, among other things, to those who live in a condominium or otherwise live in an apartment in it is not possible to proceed with the assembly. The characteristics of the electric fireplace
A valid alternative to the gas and wood-burning fireplaces, the electric fireplace can be moved easily from one room to another , since it does not require any building interventions. In short, it is a turnkey product, and to make it work there is nothing else to do than connect the plug to the power supply. Depending on the needs, then, you can decide to automate not only the temperature, but also the switching on and off.
If you want to take a look at a vast assortment of models capable of meeting the most diverse tastes, we recommend that you visit the page dedicated to the electric fireplaces of the Barzotti company. A designer fireplace
The electric fireplace is the preferred solution for those looking for a design product that, however, does not sacrifice functionality on the altar of aesthetics. It is a real pleasure to decorate the living room with a spectacular flame, without all the problems typical of wood-burning fireplaces (the need to store and load the fuel, the constant maintenance due to the dirt of the ash, the fumes to be expelled with the flue. , and so on).
The most recent technologies , based on optical fibers, guarantee an optimal yield in terms of elegance. Of course, given their versatility, electric fireplaces can be placed not only in the living room, but also in all other rooms of the house., from the bedroom to the attic, from the children’s room to the tavern. The advantages of mobility
It is clear that mobility is a significant advantage for those who choose this type of fireplace; on the other hand, its dimensions can be customized and vary according to needs. In short, whatever the context in which you live, you have the certainty of being able to count on a practical and functional heating system . Given its characteristics, then, an electric fireplace is also ideal in a second home, typically in a mountain home: why not take advantage of it
However, fireplaces are not the only possible option: electric stoves also represent a smart solution for those looking for practical and efficient heating. Top safety, no danger
It is worth highlighting that electric fireplaces are not dangerous in any way, provided that some simple precautions are respected: for example, they must be kept at a safe distance from the walls, as long as they are not models designed to be installed on the wall. Another useful precaution is to protect the area of ​​the dancing flame using an ad hoc flame arrester, so as not to run the risk of getting burned or scalded.
Finally, it is not superfluous to point out the need to subject the electrical system to an accurate check before connecting the chimney to the current, so that this can be supplied continuously. The electric fireplace does not generate combustion , and its temperature can be regulated through a thermostat. Models with ionizer
Some electric fireplaces are equipped with a device called an ionizerand which has the ability to improve the air quality of the room. Negative ions, in fact, are electrical charges capable of capturing all the impurities that circulate in the air: a solution recommended above all for those who live in large cities or in locations characterized by high levels of pollution.
Finally, it should be noted that the heating function is independent from the ignition of the flame : this means that the flame can be activated to obtain a pleasant aesthetic effect without being forced to keep the heating on too. In short, the electric fireplace can work even in summer.

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