Carlos Navarro El Yoyas, former contestant on the second edition of Big Brother , has been sentenced as the author of seven crimes, six of them committed in the person of his ex-wife and their two children (both minors), as well as one seventh perpetrated against the new partner of his ex. The sentence condemns him to almost six years in prison.
The Public Prosecutor reported during the investigation of the trial the various episodes of ill-treatment that Fayna Bethencourt, who knew Carlos precisely in GH, supposedly experienced throughout her relationship with him. “Do I break your arm or a rib ,
El Yoyas told his then-partner on one of those occasions, according to the indictment.
The prosecutor in the case maintained that, from the beginning of their cohabitation, Navarro relied on Fayna’s “emotional dependence , which she reinforced by trying to convince her that her parents did not love her”, and established a relationship in which “she had control absolute control of the domestic economy as well as limiting the autonomy” of his wife, monitoring her “communications and movements”. He also indicated that El Yoyas treated his partner in a “degrading” manner , “wringing his hand or stomping on it when he wanted him to shut up.” His behavior, said the Public Ministry, became increasingly “violent, hostile and humiliating” towards Bethencout, which worsened with the birth of his children.
In the presence of their children, Navarro assaulted his wife, according to the Prosecutor’s Office, “on multiple occasions, grabbing her by the neck until she was lifted off the ground, kicking her, punching her, threatening her and frequently insulting her,” with phrases such as “you are a daughter of a bitch “, “a subnormal” or “a slut”. Always according to the accusation, in this way El Yoyas generated a “climate of terror” in the home that affected the children.
The various episodes of mistreatment that the Prosecutor’s Office attributes to Navarro date back even to 2013 , when he allegedly beat her up in front of her son, who was then three years old, and dragged her into the bedroom while saying: “What do you want me to do to you
” break, arm or rib

Carlos El Yoyas was already controversial during his stay in Big Brother, where he was accused of assaulting another contestant, specifically Fayna, who would later become his sentimental partner. For this reason, in April 2001 he was the first disciplinary expulsion from this television program.Up to seven women’s associations and several political parties then requested her expulsion for verbal and physical violence against Fayna. The network, after evaluating it for several days, ended up expelling Navarro from the contest, against the wishes of the psychologist from Zeppelin, producer of GH. Those responsible for Zeppelin argued, among other things, that Navarro had never been involved in similar episodes of violence and thathis fits of rage were due to nicotine withdrawal.
In reality, the first of the arguments was false, since Carlos Navarro Merino was denounced on September 4, 1999 by a citizen of Jordanian origin, Omar Hassan Kalaf, with whom he argued over a traffic misunderstanding. According to the complaint, Navarro got out of his car on a street in the Barcelona town of Hospitalet, reproaching Omar for having whistled at him, yelling “shitty Moor, go home , what are you doing here

” Then he broke a tooth with a punch.The complaint was processed by the Court of First Instance and Instruction 4 of Hospitalet and the procedure was opened as a misdemeanor trial, but Carlos could not be located until a year later, and the process expired.
He is not the only one in his family who has been involved in incidents, since his father, National Police, was arrested on one occasion after an altercation with three young men while he was walking the dog.When a police crew arrived, Carlos’s father attacked them, without identifying himself, and he was arrested. El Tete de Hospitalete, as Carlos liked to define himself, was born and raised in a complicated environment, explaining in several interviews that he had to start cleaning anchovies when he was 14 years old to help with the family economy. Navarro becamecouncilor in the municipality of Vilanova del Cami (Barcelona) as part of the list of Decide (Law, Citizenship and Democracy).

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