Known in police circles as El Melillero , the person suspected of spraying his ex – girlfriend with acid last Tuesday in Cartama and the friend who accompanied her has 27 previous arrests and seven search warrants , the last one in force since last October 28 for a crime of physical abuse in the family. Sources consulted by the Joly Malaga Hoy

Group newspaper assure that “he is an experienced criminal to whom the investigators attribute illicit acts such as robbery with force, also with violence, against traffic safety for driving without a driver’s license and mistreatment.” The fugitive also had“A restraining order from another woman” .
In fact, El Melillero, born in the city of Melilla 26 years ago, has pending a trial for sexist violence this month in the Criminal Court number 13 of Malaga with a previous partner, with whom he has a son. .
Judicial sources have indicated that the investigated has for this last procedure, which occurred in 2016, a current search and arrest warrant and is accused of ill-treatment, serious threats and unfair harassment.
In this case, the accused met the victim on August 14, 2016 in a nightclub in Marbella and after asking for an explanation as to why he was there, a discussion ensued. With the intention of undermining her physical integrity, he attacked her, punched her in the face and threw her to the ground , where he grabbed her by the hair and dragged her down the steps of the nightclub.
When the young woman was able to escape from the accused, he caught up with her and threw her on the hood of a vehicle where he punched her all over her body. The woman ran away and ran into a police patrol that accompanied her to a health center.
In later days, the defendant apologized by phoneand he told her that he wanted to see the son they had in common, but when she refused, he called her again, but by a hidden number, and insulted and vexed her .
In addition, since September 5 of that year, the victim has received messages on social networks allegedly from the accused that told her ” I’m going to tear your guts out , the one I sent you to your house has not gone to give you little kisses.”
This trial was going to be held on April 1, 2020, but due to the pandemic it had to be suspended and a new date was set for January 27, 2021.
Because it has not been possible to locate him to notify him of the trial date, the judge issued a search and arrest warrant and by this procedure he faces theOverall penalty of two and a half years in prison and prohibition of approaching the victim at a distance of less than 500 meters.
The suspect also has several arrest warrants in force for different crimes as well as convictions and various procedures for numerous crimes, including drug trafficking, mistreatment, threats, robbery with force and intimidation, against road safety and belonging to a criminal group. , among others.

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