El Corte Ingles starts the summer sales 2021most anticipated in history with incredible discounts in the handbag section. With the guarantee of El Corte Ingles we find authentic treasures at a price that will be hard to believe. Up to 70% discount on leading brands of high quality bags. A beach bag, that basic to go to the beach, but also to go out to enjoy nature with a good book in the nearest park. An elegant bag for special occasions, that piece of leather that will never go out of style and will always be beautiful. A bag to work or go out for a drink comfortably that we can carry all year round. In the sales of El Corte Ingles we find the best summer bags, necessary investments to treat ourselves, give away or get essential pieces for very little money.

Lois Hawaii shopping-type beach bag in blue

This bag has a 70% discount at El Corte Ingles . Exclusively in the online store, we will obtain a basic not only as a summer bag, but for the whole year. It’s quite big, we can fit the beach towel, the book and even the lunch container and the bottle of water. We can also use it to go to class or work, it is perfect to carry the agenda or the computer. The guarantee of the Lois brand and the fact that a few days ago it cost 70 euros will make this purchase almost impulsive. It’s 19.99 euros well invested in one of the best-selling summer bags from El Corte Ingles.
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Black DKNY shoulder bag with zipper
The El Corte Ingles sales are the moment that we all wait to get hold of big brand bags with discounts of 68%. This is the case of this DKNY that is available in various colors. It will cost us less than 100 euros, a bargain if we take into account that it is a bag that is sold for 280 euros. A timeless and always beautiful piece , with a Chanel style and the guarantee of a high quality brand. In black if you want to bet on a classic or in a red tone for a style brand. You will not find bags of this type with such a high discount in a trusted store like El Corte Ingles.
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Adolfo Dominguez women’s white leather crossbody

bag White summer bags are basic, at El Corte Ingles we will find the best of all with a 60% discount on its original price. This Adolfo Dominguez shoulder bag is comfortable, elegant and made with top quality materials. 100% bovine leather, the feel of this bag, the size and the finishes make it one of the best options when buying a summer bag in the El Corte Ingles sales. We will get a complement that will last us years and years in perfect condition for only 39 euros. It is available in more colors for the same price, it is worth taking advantage of this occasion and buying it in various shades.
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Michael Michael Kors tote Beck shoulder bag red with logo

Michael Kors has earned a reputation as one of the best-selling handbag brandsin the English Court. We see bags of this type in the hands of celebrities and influencers, their price reaches 300 euros, but in sales we can find them for sale for much less. A bag from the fashion brand will cost us only 118 euros. It is a bag that draws attention, elegant, flattering and a good cover letter. This accessory is one of the most visible pieces of our look, investing a little in it, taking advantage of the discounts, will allow us to give a professional and practical image. All our dreams fit in this tote and it is very comfortable.
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small bucket bag in black with mini studs

El Corte Ingles bags have a very careful aesthetic, high quality and with a design inspired by the big brands. Taking advantage of the summer sales to get one of those bags that make us leave home always impeccable, in black and with chain details, is essential. Now is the time to buy bags that will serve us for almost any occasion and are timeless. A bag with details in mini studs, chain and bag type has a discount of 57%, for only 12.80 euros it will be ours. Perfect to go out for a drink or to arrive at a job interview with a good cover letter.
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Kbas women’s blue jute crossbody bag with embroidered border

The Kbas brand is very present among the El Corte Ingles summer bags. Specialist in getting design andcreate those bags that scream summer, sun, beach and joy . Jute or raffia are some of the materials they work with. Some natural fibers that are braided to get authentic works of art like this shoulder bag. This type of bag is especially recommended for the summer, we carry fewer things inside, it is small and light, ideal for going along any promenade or walking along the beach. An accessory with a considerable discount of 52% that will stay at 17.25 euros, it is almost impossible to find a more summer brand bag at a lower price.
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Small round tan Easy Wear

bag A braided El Corte Ingles bag is one of the symbols of summer. From the house brand and for less than 10 euros, we must get this accessory before the holidays begin. It is a classic that returns year after year and in these sales we have it for 50% less. An opportunity that must be seized before they run out. There are several more models of the same brand, the round one is one of the ones that will be seen the most this summer 2021, although if we feel more comfortable there are square or sack-type shoulder bags equal to or more beautiful than this model. The difficult thing will be to choose the one that we like the most of all.
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