If there is something that brings down the street of bitterness to those of us who have fine hair , it is to ensure that our hair has volume naturally . We have tried all the products on the market, we have resorted to all the tips and tricks (rinsing your head upside down does not give us results) and we no longer know what else to try to make our hair look alive and not be so boring .
It is time for us to assume that to get a hair with volume it is necessary to go through the hairdresser and bet on a good haircut. Despite the fact that many cling to their long hair, it is time to pull out the scissors and achieve thanks to them (and the hands that use them) that our fine hair becomes hair with a lot of volume . It is not necessary that you have to bet on a radical change of look to achieve it, you just have to take into account the shortcomings of your hair and play with it to achieve the desired effect.
You may have fallen in love with Ana de Armas’s new haircut and want to wear something similar, you may have discovered the unstructured bob and have been encouraged to do it, but you should know that there are many other options to choose from.get a hair with volume and forget forever about your fine and boring hair . It is important that when you go to the hairdresser to get that haircut, you also take into account the features of your face and even your age to know which haircuts suit you best.
These haircuts to get voluminous hair and forget about your fine hair forever can inspire you and become your ultimate look. Weathered bob, shaggy, asymmetric layers , carre… Find out what your haircut is and, don’t worry, there are also proposals for maxi hair .

Carre haircut to get a hair with volume
Everything seems to indicate that the carre will be the most successful haircut this year. Nor is it surprising. With a jaw- length length , the bob haircut features small layers that give a lot of volume and movement to the hair.
If you have fine hair and you like to keep your hair short, go for a carre. Unlike other haircuts, such as the classic bob, by including small layers , the bob makes the hair gain movement and appear much more voluminous . A haircut of ten.

Shaggy haircut to get a hair with volume

The shaggy haircut is one of the most nostalgic. Super on trend in the early 2000s, the shaggy was giving way to other hair styles and was practically forgotten. Only those who had super fine hair saw in it the best of allies and have continued to bet on this haircut for years.
It is a medium length (we can play with the length that most interests us) with very small layers that give volume to the upper part of the hair. In addition, since the layers are quite paraded, that volume is accompanied by a lot of movement.
Now the shaggy is again a trend and it seems to us the perfect haircut to get a hair with volume. Go for a curtain fringe if you still want to add more volume to the top.

A medium hair paraded to achieve volume
Half-length hair gives a lot of play and is a very current trend because it brings freshness and rejuvenates any face. But those of us who have fine hair should opt for half-length hair with a trick .
To get fine hair to have a lot of volume with a medium length, you just have to parade a few strands. By parading them, the mane will lose weight and that will help the root area to gain volume. In this way, we bring lightness to the hair and we will get the hair to rise immediately

Maxi hair with long layers to achieve volume
To get a hair with volume it is not necessary to cut it drastically. Maintaining a long hair and getting it to have more volume is possible if you opt for the right haircut. As in other proposals, the layers become the great allies of XXL hair that needs extra volume.
You should know that the longer our hair is, the greater its weight, so styling it and parading it will help make it lighter and thus gain volume . In addition to long layers, you can bet on subtle highlights that provide light , create textures and help further enhance the volume effect.

‘Clavicut’ weathered to get a hair with volume
The clavicut came into our lives last fall and has already become one of our favorite haircuts for how good it feels. It is a haircut at the height of the collarbone (hence its name) that favors all types of faces and hair .
In the case of fine hair, the clavicut presents its version with small layers that, once again, give volume to the less voluminous hair. This type of haircut also lends itself to betting on broken waves with which to gain extra volume .

Hair with bangs to get volume
The best trick to get extra volume, whether or not you want to cut your hair, is to wear a fringe. Paraded, curtain and slightly polished, the bangs are perfect to achieve the visual effect of a mane with volume .
By framing the face in this casual way, it will seem that our hair has more body . As it is the shortest part of the hair, it will weigh much less and will give it lightness. It is a perfect solution for those who want to maintain their hair style and just need a little trick to gain volume .

A long bob with micro layers for volume
Resorting to a classic bob is not a good idea if what we want is to gain volume. This haircut features a single layer and what fine hair needs is to create texture through the layers . But that is not a problem.
You can always do like Sara Carbonero and opt for a long bob with microlayers and subtle caramel highlights with which she achieves a very stylish and flattering haircut without giving up volume. In addition, this reinterpretation of the bob does not require you to have your hair polished, so it is very comfortable and practical .

Maxi hair very paraded to get volume
If the proposals in haircuts have not convinced you and you want to continue wearing XXL hair, you do not have to give up volume. In addition to the layers, as we have mentioned before, parading this type of hair to make them much lighter is key .
One aspect to keep in mind is to parade the front part, especially the bangs , so that the strands in that area become lighter and gain volume and movement.

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