Jesus Ayala: “The opponents put their lives in our hands”

Jose Miguel Ramirez
The director of the Cuarteles street academies shows his enthusiasm for the new course that begins.

SOS: Mathematics teachers are missing in Malaga institutes

JM Ramirez – DJ Geniz
Graduates of this faculty receive important job offers from the private sector before finishing their degree. Teaching positions are filled with other specialties.

More than 8,100 opponents aspire to a teaching position in Malaga

Jose Miguel Ramirez
Illusion overcomes nerves on the day of the exams, which have been divided into shifts to guarantee protection measures against Covid.

Selectivity 2021: eye for the careers with the most job

opportunities DS
ICT systems architect, financial planner, software architect, database designer and interpreter are the positions with the least competition in our country. Computer Engineering and Telecommunications Engineering are the two best careers to find the best career opportunities. .

Selectivity 2021: we give you clues with the topics that fell last year

Spanish Language and Literature II, History of Spain, Foreign Language, Latin II and History of Philosophy are some of the tests that students will face. Selectivity Guide 2021 in Andalusia.

The registration period for Early Childhood, Primary and Special Education opens in Andalusia this Tuesday, June 1

Jero Cebrian
Registration can be formalized by completing the form provided by the educational center or downloading it on the Board’s schooling portal until June 8. For the first time, the families of students from zero to three years of age will be able to formalize the registration through the Internet.

There is no going back to the Celaa Selectivity Plan: students with a failing grade may apply

Jero Cebrian
The changes came as a provisional measure due to the pandemic during the third quarter of last year, but they remain “exceptional” for students with a failing in Baccalaureate if the teaching team understands that they have passed the stage. Selectivity guide for the 2021 course with deadlines, venues and court notes.

Check to boredom: The queen’s gambit gets into school

Paco Munoz
The ‘aulaDjaque’ project brings chess to school turning the game into a new and powerful educational tool valid for almost any subject.

The president of ACADE-Andalucia demands greater autonomy for educational centers
David Randell, who intervened in the Education and Sports Commission of the Andalusian Parliament for the Social Pact for Education, also requested direct financing models for families.

Scholarships and study grants for the 2020-2021 school year: types, amounts and requirements


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