Alone or in company, in sexual relations, one of the climax points is the blessed orgasm . When it comes to how to improve sex or have more intense orgasms, everything has been written (and has also been tested). In the networks and circulating on the internet we can find all kinds of advice and practices. But what if they told you that avoiding or withstanding orgasm can give you the mother of all
. Nobody could refuse to learn something like that. For this reason, we teach you how to practice edging, an orgasm control technique that will enhance it when you finally release it.
The practice basically focuses on postponing the climax of pleasure or orgasm, maintaining a high constant of desire and sexual arousal. In other words, when the orgasm approaches, stop all stimulation and return to it to stimulate the search for pleasure again.
It is similar to being on a roller coaster , where orgasm is the end point of the ride. To control it you have to identify the moment beforehand very well, so practicing alone is a good idea. You must concentrate on the sensations that your body experiences in order to become an expert.
If you don’t know an expert who can verse you in the art of edging, you can practice yourself at home by masturbating. Listening to your body and learning how it responds to certain sensations, pressures and rhythms is tremendously useful not only for edging, but for any sexual activity.
It is worth mentioning that this practice, despite being sold as a way to achieve more intense orgasms, in reality what it does is that we change the focus of attention, focusing on pleasure and excitement… and not exclusively on having orgasms.
Our brain is the most powerful sexual organ, so that playing with it is to ensure pleasure. It is to enjoy the trip without wanting to arrive too soon and that we know little. It is to imagine and show the brain what will come. By keeping us at a high peak of excitement this is more intense, and the more excited we are, the more easily the orgasm will come and the more powerful it will be.

How to practice

it When you think you reach orgasm, stop. Let the sexual energy calm down a bit before starting again. If you don’t want to be so extreme you can continue to slowly touch other parts of the body, which keeps the sexual energy going but not as strong.
Does the key
It all lies in muscle controlthat will allow the prolongation of pleasure by increasing body sensitivity. During the maximum point of pleasure, the genitals have involuntary contractions that can be controlled with the practice of Kegel exercises for both men and women.
In this way, once you learn to control the pelvic muscles , the bodily sensations will be much more pleasant and intense – leading to increasingly intense pleasure. There are those who claim that they can even enjoy an hour-long orgasm.This is because there is an increase in blood flow to the pelvic area when orgasm stops and stimulation continues.

Only for men
This technique to delay orgasm is more common in men than in women. In fact, it is recommended in cases of men with premature ejaculation.The objective in the case of boys is to obtain longer erections and achieve a level of arousal that allows ejaculation to be controlled in a certain way.
But don’t panic. Women also have clitoral erections, so playing with it and stimulating it can produce the same sensation. Start with normal clitoral stimulation and before you have the contractions associated with orgasm , stop. It is important to stop or slow down the stimuli in the area.
When the feeling of impending orgasm has worn off, start over from the beginning and take a short break. This point is perhaps the most complicated, as it requires practice and patience. Combining slow and fast, circular movements (or with a sex toy of different speeds) can be very helpful.

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