The population is beginning to glimpse what may be the end of a health crisis that has marked the lives of people in the last year. Although mass vaccination is beginning to be a fact, experts say that protection measures should not be relaxed . For this reason, masks continue to be essential to protect us from the virus and thus avoid its transmission and not suffer a fearsome wave of infections again.
Although many specialists believe that the days of the mask may be numbered, the market continues to move and new models are a constant day after day. The last to arrive at pharmacies and shopping centers is Ecodry, some masks carried out by Grupo Atenzza , manufacturers, for more than 45 years, of intelligent fabrics of Spanish origin, specifically, manufactured in Alicante.

Ecodry, the health revolution

Ecodry is the result of research that began after the outbreak of the pandemic. An investigation that has managed to carry out a fabric that is capable of ending Covid-19 in less than two hours , a revolution in the health framework.
One of the fundamental characteristics of these new masks, apart from the fact that they do not need washing, is that the condensation produced inside the mask, that humidity that creates an optimal environment for the proliferation of bacteria and fungi, in Ecodry said condensation is harmless , since its biocides prevent the formation of any pathogen.
Another of the most innovative issues is that the masks do not have a nose clip since the Atenzza Group has managed to create a product with an ergonomic design that makes it fit perfectly to the face, so the nose clip is not necessary. This last characteristic is essential to affirm that Ecodry, together with it and thanks to its breathability index above the market average , is an optimal mask for practicing sports in complete safety., comfort and tranquility. In addition, its use in pregnant women is also approved .
Finally, unlike all other masks on the market, Ecodry has unlimited use due to its disinfectant fabric , so it does not need to be discarded after a few hours, such as surgical ones. Now, although keeping it in your pocket will not make it lose its biocidal properties, the manufacturers advise leaving it on a clean and ventilated surface since its fabric is self-disinfecting and there is no risk of contamination.

How to store the Ecodry mask while not in use
When taking off your mask, remember to always use the elastics, in this way you will avoid touching the fabric, it is also important to never twist the mask. You can store your mask in a breathable mask-friendly case.
Keeping the mask in pockets, brackets or bags can damage the fabric due to friction, although it will not lose biocidal properties, it can damage its integrity. It is preferable to leave it on a clean and ventilated surface. Its fabric is self-disinfecting and is not at risk of contamination.

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