You need to lose excess pounds quickly and you don’t know where to start
. You’ve already tried and tried and you haven’t been able to get over it
The Dukan diet could help you. Let’s find out what it is, if it is really useful and, finally, the complete menu to be able to reach the desired weight. What is the Dukan diet

  • What is the Dukan diet
    • Dukan Diet: Really Works
  • Contraindications
  • Who cannot follow the Dukan diet
  • Dukan diet in 7 days: the complete menu
      • The four phases
      • The attack phase
      • The cruise phase
      • The consolidation phase
      • Last phase: stabilization
  • 100 foods allowed
  • The weekly menu
    • Attack phase: the menu
    • Cruise phase: the menu
    • Consolidation phase: the menu
  • Physical activity
    • In conclusion

The Dukan diet is a very particular slimming method conceived in the 70s. Its peculiarity derives from its four-phase structure: two are suitable for losing weight while two are suitable for stabilizing it. It became famous because it was followed by many people from the show business. Kate Middleton also did it before her marriage to Prince William. Dukan Diet: It Really Works
The Dukan diet has long been criticized for the consequences that come with this high-protein meal plan. It can be said that it works if your interest is to lose up to 8 kg quickly and you are not in a state of obesity. However, it is not a sustainable diet over time, so you cannot continue to follow this diet without running into serious problems. Contraindications
There are several contraindications to keep in mind:

  • a high amount of protein is assumed . A diet rich in animal proteins, burdens organs such as the liver and kidneys;
  • the fibers present in the food plan are very few;
  • carbohydrates are absent. This is a huge problem as carbohydrate is the main energy form for our body. Carbohydrates should never be completely eliminated, only reduced.

For these reasons it is good to first consult a doctor and ask for his opinion.
It is good to be followed by a specialist who can help you and recommend the right diet for you. If you are still going to follow it, these could be the side effects :

  • bad breath;
  • tiredness;
  • hair loss;
  • dry mouth;
  • headache.

The reason is the lack of vitamins and minerals in this food plan. Furthermore, the high cost of following such a diet must also be considered . Who cannot follow the Dukan
diet The Dukan diet cannot be followed by all people. In particular they cannot do it:

  • those with cardiovascular disease;
  • insulin-dependent diabetics;
  • who is breastfeeding or pregnant;
  • who is undergoing chemotherapy.

Dukan diet in 7 days: the complete menu
This diet is also called the “7 day diet”, because the rhythm is marked by the days of the week, but not because it only lasts 7 days.
There are four phases to be respected and each of these leads to a different result. The four phases
The four phases of the Dukan diet are characterized by having different foods allowed and a consequent different weight loss.
The first is the attack phase, followed by the cruising phase, the consolidation phase and finally the stabilization phase. The attack phase
The attack phase is the hardest on our mind but the easiest in terms of weight loss. You have to start getting into a diet, but you will see that the body reacts very well.
In this phase 72 different proteins of animal origin are allowed and the weight loss should be between 1.5 and 4 kg .
It can last between 2 and 7 days and it is recommended to exercise for at least 20 minutes a day. The cruise phase
In this phase, another 28 foods are introduced : vegetables.
On average, you should be able to lose 1 kgper week and therefore the duration of this phase is determined by the kilos you want to lose. Bear in mind that each week of “cruising” is a pound to lose.
During these weeks the physical activity to be performed daily is 30 minutes . The consolidation phase
After losing the excess pounds, it is necessary to consolidate the result obtained.
Now you can introduce fruit , starch , cheese and bread into your meal plan .
No weight loss is expected and should last 10 days per pound lost .
It means that if you have lost 6 kilos it should last 60 days, that is 2 months.
The physical activity indicated is 25 minutes per day. Last phase: stabilization
Finally, the last phase is that of stabilization or maintenance.
The diet is free but it must always be balanced.
No weight loss is expected and should last for a lifetime. Try to maintain a 20-minute
daily workout . 100 foods allowed
In this meal plan, 100 foods are provided and allowed .
72 are of animal origin, 28 of vegetable origin.
Among the foods of animal origin we find, for example:

  • bresaola;
  • horse Steak;
  • beef steak;
  • rabbit;
  • chicken;
  • sea ​​bream;
  • hake;
  • mussels;
  • egg;
  • light cheese;
  • and others (the list is available on the official website).

Of vegetable origin, on the other hand:

  • beet;
  • cauliflower;
  • broccoli;
  • carrot;
  • and others (the list is available on the official website).

Over the years some elements have been added to the original plan, although all the related risks must still be considered. The weekly menu
The weekly menu varies according to the stage you are in.
If you are starting now, you are in the attack phase.
At this stage, only food of animal origin is allowed. Attack phase: the menu
In the first week of attack , Monday, Wednesday and Friday are the same and can include:

  • breakfast : low-fat yogurt (maximum 0.1% fat); 3 tablespoons of oat bran and a coffee. Alternatively, it is possible to combine oat cereals with low-fat yogurt;
  • snack : low-fat yogurt;
  • lunch : choice of baked salmon with yogurt sauce, 3 hard-boiled eggs or prawns (250 gr)
  • snack : low-fat yogurt;
  • dinner : a choice of omelette (with two eggs) with herbs, low-fat cheese or 200 grams of grilled turkey.

Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays and Sundays are made up of the following foods:

  • breakfast : low-fat cheese and three tablespoons of oat bran;
  • snack : low-fat yogurt;
  • lunch : a choice of 200 g of grilled beef, 200 g of turkey, 200 g of sea bream or hake
  • snack : low-fat yogurt or an egg
  • dinner : a choice of 200 grams of grilled chicken, 200 grams of bresaola or low-fat cheese

Cruise phase: the menu
In this phase the menu is slightly different because proteins of vegetable origin have been introduced:

  • breakfast : skimmed milk with cinnamon, oat bran and a coffee;
  • snack : low-fat yogurt;
  • lunch : a choice of 200 g of grilled or baked salmon, 200 g of sea bream or hake, 200 g of grilled turkey or chicken with herbs, steamed peppers and salad;
  • snack : low-fat yogurt or an egg;
  • dinner : a choice of 200 g of cod, 200 g of beef or 200 g of rabbit with tomatoes, lemon and asparagus.

Consolidation phase: the menu
During the consolidation phase, carbohydrates can also be consumed, albeit to a limited extent:

  • breakfast : light spreadable cheese or 3 tablespoons of bran with a coffee;
  • snack : low-fat yogurt;
  • lunch : a choice of 70 g of pasta with tomato sauce or with vegetable dressing (100 g), grilled turkey with boiled asparagus or tomato salad and 70 g of rice (or cous cous) with vegetables;
  • snack : low-fat yogurt or an egg;
  • dinner : a choice of beef fillet with broccoli or lettuce, tomato and carrot salad with two hard-boiled eggs, oil, salt and a slice of wholemeal bread.

As you can see, the dukan diet is quite stable. You can choose to interchange the foods listed above, but always following the 72 + 28 rule.
During the first phase you can only eat foods of animal origin (72 foods to choose from), while the other 28 are added in the second
. , it is important to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. Physical activity
As with any diet, physical activity is also important in the Dukan. No weight loss can be achieved without a good workout. Take between 20 and 30 minutes a day to take care of your body. In the attack phase you have to train for 20 minutes . In that cruise for30 minutes . In consolidation 25 minutes . Finally, in the stabilization phase, which should last for life, 20 minutes a day are enough . In conclusion
In conclusion, we can say that the Dukan diet is perhaps not the best choice you can make if you are planning to lose weight.
It has many risks, contraindications and side effects. If you are not followed on this path, the risks are very high. Ask your GP or a specialist for advice on finding the right diet for you.

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