Duff & Phelps, a global leader in offering digital services and products related to governance, risk mitigation and transparency, today announces the rebranding project for the transition of the company name to Kroll. The new name and the new logo allow to represent the important history and the wide range of services of the company, able to guarantee transparency, reliability and objectivity to customers.
“This announcement marks an important moment for our company and I am thrilled to be able to introduce the new Kroll, built on the strength of the brands that are part of the group,” said Jacob Silverman, Chief Executive Officer of Duff & Phelps, now Kroll. “The unification of business lines under the Kroll name allows us to represent the full range of services we provide to our customers and our consistent approach to delivering technologically innovative solutions to the market. Kroll’s lens. , the focal point of our new logo, represents the perspective we make available to our customers when we help them tackle the most complex challenges. ”
Since its founding in 1932, Duff & Phelps has added more than 30 companies to its portfolio, including the acquisition of Kroll in 2018. Together, these brands have supported its growth from a 10-person consulting firm to a global leader. which offers its services to 61% of the companies included in the Fortune 100 ranking.
Kroll, with the new organization, now has about 200 employees in Italy distributed over 8 offices throughout the country. The Valuation Advisory Services division of Duff & Phelps in our country will pass under the Kroll brand after a transition period. Also under the new Kroll brand, Duff & Phelps’ services will continue to be offered in Italy under the leadership of Paola Ricciardi including real estate valuation through Duff & Phelps Real Estate Advisory Group (REAG), a Kroll Business, led by the CEO Mauro Corrada; the valuation of industrial assets such as machinery and plants, for which Roberto Zamboni is responsible; the valuation of the company and of intangible assets such as trademarks and patents, under the responsibility of Enrico Rovere; and transfer pricing, coordinated by Enrico De Angelis.
“We are proud to introduce the” new Kroll “in our country, which represents the integration of different, complementary and synergistic business lines, to evolve from a company specializing in valuation and financial services to a wide-ranging strategic consulting group. Today we present ourselves on the national market with a wide range of products and services designed to help Italian and international organizations to face a difficult economic moment and to support them in seizing the opportunities of the restart phase “, underlined Paola Ricciardi, who in Italy and Country Manager of Duff & Phelps, at Kroll Business.
Marco De Bernardin, recently appointed Country Manager of Kroll’s Business Intelligence and Investigations practice, will lead, together with the team based in Milan, the activities of risk management, business intelligence, investigation, litigation support and cyber, continuing the consolidation process on the market Italian. “Being able to combine Kroll’s traditional services with the skills of a structured and diversified group will allow us to acquire a significant presence on the Italian market, while maintaining individual specificities and inclinations. Operating under a single brand will allow us to communicate this clearly to the market”, he said. commented Marco De Bernardin. For a transitional period, certain business areas of Duff & Phelps will use the designation “Duff & Phelps, a Kroll Business”.

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