What does it mean to dream of the devil Dreaming of the devil indicates the presence in one’s life of negative forces and fears that we have not been able to overcome in the recent past, also due to our shortcomings.
Much depends on the context of the dream, but in general the demon very often symbolizes anxieties, fears and feelings of guilt. It can also have a carnal meaning, referring to one’s sexual sphere. If I dreamed of the devil I have to fear something
. It is good to worry, yes. It doesn’t mean the devilit will appear in front of you, in person, even in real life, rather it is a symbol of alert: you are experiencing a complex and difficult situation to support and you do not know how to get out of it. Daily life is full of difficulties and you are unable to avoid negative thoughts. You have to start working on yourself. What the devil looks like in dreams
He does not have a precise form. It can manifest itself with its classic representation of him, red in the face and with sharp horns, but it can also be personified by an individual and a person we know in real life, but who in our dream subconscious we associate with certainty to the devil. The only certainty is the fact of being able to clearly distinguish him in the dream, whatever the “conformation” of him.Meaning in Psychology
According to modern currents of psychology, dreaming of the devil implies that there are aspects of our life that we cannot – and never have been able – to accept. Probably, in the course of childhood we have experienced a sense of guilt for some behaviors, and the remorse has not yet disappeared, which is why the devil comes to meet us in a dream to remind us.
what does it mean to dream of the devil
But for psychologists the devil is also the symbol of a strong sense of guilt , which does not relate to childhood, but to adulthood. The most immediate reference is to the relationship with your boyfriend or girlfriend: we have committed something – a betrayal
– which we cannot forgive ourselves, but which at the same time we do not have the courage to reveal to the person for whom we feel love. Again, it can indicate a strong lack of self-esteem, which prevents us from reaching, in life, the goals that we would expect to cut. Dreaming of becoming the devil, being possessed
When it happens to dream of being the devil , it means that we have a great load of anger, which we must vent; we just have to find a way to do it, to avoid going against our duty. It may also be that we feel the need to show a different side of us than usual: we want to be less compliant and to “explode” our desire for superiority and, why not, revenge against other people.
If you happen to dream ofbeing possessed by the devil , the meaning is very similar, with a different nuance. A less rational part of you wants to emerge strongly and you are trying to hold it back to keep it from coming to the surface. Your fear is that the people who are around you and love you may be burned by seeing some aspects of your character that are more pungent and not in keeping with the image they have created of you. If still in the dream you happen to try to kill the devil , it is very likely that you are going through a period in which your main goal is to chase away a bad memory that makes you suffer and does not allow you to live with the optimism that of usually sets you apart. If I dreamed of talking to the devil, it means that we are living a working relationship which, at first glance, seemed very advantageous to us, but which actually hides several pitfalls. All that glitters is not gold, as they say, that’s why we should do some personal investigations so as not to be fooled by appearances. It is not a question of lack of confidence, but of sheltering ourselves from what could become a small catastrophe for our profession. Devil in human form in the dream and pray Dreaming of the devil in human formit is not positive, but neither is it catastrophic. It means that a person is entering your life who may be having a bad influence on you. In fact, being close to him risks making you deviate from the right path and lose those moral values ​​that have always characterized your life. The human demon can also be synonymous with lust and sexual temptation towards a person who could be the protagonist in the dream.
If in the dream you see a devil and you start praying, it means that you are genuinely afraid of a person who will not leave you alone or afraid of a particular situation – in love or at work – that you do not know how it could evolve. These circumstances make you live in a constant state of agitation and do not allow you to find peace: talking about it with a trusted person or a psychologist could be the solution to your ills. If we see the devil in dreams: other meanings
A devil dressed in blue in the dreamindicates possible dark times for you and your family. At the same time, being blue the color of the mystery par excellence, it could reflect your personality: probably someone is worried about you, but is not able to express it in words, for this reason he observes you from a distance, but in a vigilant way. .
If you have dreamed of accepting the devil’s advice to overcome an obstacle or a difficulty, it means that in real life you will have to accept the indications of a person who you consider evil or irrelevant to the achievement of your purpose. The advice will be spot on and will allow you to fulfill yourself professionally and personally.
Instead, it happens that you dream of the devil at home or in your room: be very careful, because you have chosen a friend or surrounded yourself with people who would have no problem gossiping about your back and revealing potentially valuable secrets or revelations to people who know nothing about you and with whom you have nothing at all to do in your daily life. Fighting the devil
If you happen to dream of fighting the devilit means that you are experiencing an internal conflict, from which you want to quickly free yourself. You are trying to push away with all your might a person who is only hurting you or wasting time, in an interpersonal relationship, more properly sentimental. For some time you have been “troubled”, but for lack of resolve and pressure on the other side, you are unable to find the way out.
The dream image also refers to a fight against an addiction : you have reached the limit, you understand that depending on a substance, or on some real life situations, is only hurting you, consuming you inside one day after another. You must find within yourself the strength to overcome the obstacle, possibly also seeking the help of a trusted person or a professional.Getting married to the devil
It happened to you in the dream of getting married to the devil
It is an image created by your subconscious that refers to tendentially negative and sad feelings. You’re having trouble on the sentimental side with your boyfriend or girlfriend, and can’t seem to find the key. Perhaps, to avoid a breakup, you are keeping the relationship going, not trying to understand the problem, and indeed referring your attention to another person, perhaps a possible lover.
The fact of getting married to the devil also refers to the more “fiery” side: you probably feel the need to express your sensual charge in sex with your partner, but you are not reciprocated enough, or on the other hand there is a bit of reticence. Your desire is to push the bar a little higher, for the moment without any kind of success. Dream Meaning and Lot Numbers
Devil 77
In human form 57
To be 54
Fighting 81
Talking to each other 80

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