Have you ever dreamed of finding yourself alone and walking in the dark
Dreaming of the night at night . In most dreams it may not be a good omen: the night is the darkest period of the day, the one during which fears, fears, difficulties emerge.
Silence causes restlessness, darkness frightens, but the night can also be the moment when you rest, and you can switch off or stop thinking about the difficulties of the day. Negative omens therefore, but with exceptions. What does the night representThe night represents fear and dread, the need to be comforted by someone, or to find safe shelter. But the night is also synonymous with reflection and dreams, those that one would like to come true at a specific moment in one’s life. The night and the dark , therefore the loss of consciousness within something that cannot be controlled. And the loss of the compass, the inability to orient oneself . The possibilities are many, and to best interpret what the night can mean in a dream is not at all easy. Every detail, even what might seem insignificant, has its importance, as it can allow you to square the circle around something apparently dark and mysterious.Dreaming of the dark and the night: psychological meaning According to psychologists, dreaming of the night or a dark situation can directly refer to people’s fears of approaching their fellowmen, for this reason they prefer to stay in the shadows, where no one can see them. We hide behind a blanket because we feel inadequate and we are afraid of appearing wrong and out of place to people. There are psychologists, however, who argue that dreaming at night means the presence of a different personality in the dreamer, a part of oneself complementary to what we usually show in public, but which we are afraid of putting on the merchandise of those around us. . A secret and dark side, which we prefer to keep to ourselves.
I woke up in the middle of the night, and instinctively I looked out the window. The sky was white, with an unexpected whiteness. What this dream can mean Dreaming of the Chiara night : a problem that grips you is about to be solved, and the merit is all yours. You have worked hard to get to the bottom of the matter, and with great difficulty, your efforts have prevailed. You will experience a period of reassuring tranquility. Dark : This dream vision means that you feel very lonely, and you need company. Darkness, or the lack of someone by your side, gives you a sense of uneasiness that does not allow you to live the day to the fullest of your potential. Perennial: you are desperate, you really don’t know which way to go. In fact, you are not experiencing the most beautiful moment of your life, and the only thing you would like to do is disappear as soon as possible, making you lose track. Negative omen, be very careful. And her noises about him: this dream means that you have unconscious fears that are swirling in your brain. You think everything is calm, but something you are unable to identify makes you go through a rather stressful and not very reassuring period. Silent : your life has taken the right turn, the one you have wanted for a long time. After the effort you have made to live peacefully, you will be able to enjoy in peace the quiet you have deserved, once and for all. Which turns into dawn: the light outside the tunnel. It is a clear sign that you will be able to put your life in order, finally being able to smile at the world throughout the day. The dark times have gone away, now it’s good to keep them away. Red : Some concerns may resurface. In the past you have been heartened about certain episodes, but the fear that something is still not fixed will come back to haunt you. For this you will begin to torment yourself and try to understand what is wrong with you and the people around you. Dreaming of a starry night – what it means
If you have ever dreamed of a starry night, smile: well soon, in fact, good news may arrive, which will make you smile and make you really happy. A good news, of those that you have a few times in life. You dreamed of walking alone in the dark It is not necessarily a negative dream, on the contrary: in all probability you are living a crucial period of your existence, in which you need to understand who you are and what you want from your future. You feel a little troubled inside and the only way to clarify is to isolate yourself and think. Without falling into depression, of course. They will be productive solo evenings.
If you have come this far, in all probability you may also be interested in knowing what it means to dream of stumbling , acastle with drawbridge or a fast speeding train . Dream Interpretation and Lotto Numbers
Walking in the dark 13
Dark 21
Night 30
Dark night 46
Light night 49
Noises in the night 51
Sad night 81

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