Thieves or pickpockets: in the dream we can be the ones to steal, as well as we can impersonate the victims
In your dream you were a thief
Dreaming of stealing is rather habitual in people, just as it is frequent to dream of being robbed. Usually, this type of dream means that we are very determined people, and that we have full confidence in ourselves, often without thinking about the direct consequences of our actions.
You want to achieve your goals, and you are not afraid to always put your face to them. This is the most immediate and direct meaning that psychoanalysts recognize in dreaming of oneself in the act of stealing.Each means – lawful, mind you – and permitted, in your personal vision, to achieve your goals, once and for all.
The modern interpretation of dreams, on the other hand, gives a different nuance to this dream vision: we would like to achieve something, obtain a result that we know well is not within our reach. We long for it and have thought, in the past, of ways not allowed by morality to achieve it. The situation is different, however, if you dream of being robbed:in this case it is very likely that we will face, in the medium or short term, a defection, the loss of a friendship or even a forced removal. We could suffer a lot for this situation, ending up closing in on ourselves, without thinking about what is actually better for us and for our future. Dreaming of stealing from a psychological point of view
According to psychology, in this case, you may have to face a not exactly simple period, during which you will have to rely on the closest people to get up and find the light at the end of the tunnel. Having said that, it is always good to remember that the nuances of each dream can give us a different interpretation.If this is the “general” view of modern psychoanalysis, here is the detailed explanation of some dreams in particular.
I would never do that, but last night I dreamed that I sneaked into my parents’ room to steal money and jewelry. What a bad vision, I woke up out of breath. What does this dream mean What does it mean to dream of stealing And being the thief: you are doing your best, use your every ability or allowed means to achieve your great personal dream. It could be a desire in the professional field, but also the simple desire to carry out a life project that you particularly care about. Money:be careful, because sooner or later you will face unpleasant adventures – misadventures – that could put you in a bad mood for quite a long time in your life. Prompt countermeasures are urgently needed. Jewelery: you have important goals in mind, you believe in them and are aware of your possibilities. Unfortunately for you, however, your most immediate destiny is to face a bad failure, which will make you suffer. A car:you have a secret that you keep with care. It is not yours, but what was revealed to you by a close friend. On more than one occasion you have thought about reporting him, but you have always preferred to be good friends. The situation, however, is heavy, and in this period you are doubtful whether or not you have made the right choice. Fruit: you are at the market or the supermarket and you
sneakily get hold of apples, pears or bananas . . In church:a strange dream, but still quite common. In your life you have often aspired to important goals, but your ambitions have always been disappointed. Now you feel the need to get back on the road, trying to obtain simpler and at the same time immediate results. To the parents: you are in a somewhat difficult financial situation and do not know where to beat your head. The dream in question must serve as a warning: avoid doing something you will regret to pay off some debts, rather ask for help from loved ones, even parents. Being robbed and facing the thief: you have courage to spare
No, this dream indicates something else: you are envious, and a lot, of a person with whom you have daily relationships, probably a work colleague who has obtained a promotion in your place, or a friend who has greater professional success than yours and boasts of his achievements. And be chased: you have great skills, you are committed and you could reach your goals with great ease. Unfortunately for you, however, you are always held back by a higher force that you are unable to cope with. You don’t lack much, maybe just a little conviction. Being robbed and unmasking the thief:get ready, because soon you will have to face a difficult and arduous discussion to sustain, which will put your relationship with a person you care a lot into hard crisis. The situation may not be happy. Killing a thief: meaning of the dream
Have you ever dreamed of a thief at home It is not a period in which you are at peace with yourself, far from it. You feel nervous, often short-tempered. You would like to do something to no longer have this unpleasant sensation, but you can not do anything about it: it is fate that controls you, not the other way around. If, on the other hand, you have dreamed of killing a thief,in all likelihood you have discovered the diabolical plan of a person you do not like at all, and you are ready to do anything to ruin his prospects. Be careful, however: the person in question may have a great desire for revenge against you.
If you have come this far in reading the article, in all likelihood you may be interested in knowing what it means to dream of fish , to wash your hair or to find yourself naked . Dream Interpretation and Lotto Numbers
Thief at home 6
Stealing 11
Fruit 13
In church 13
To parents 19
Money 26
Confronting the thief 27
Unmasking the thief 46
A car 56
Jewels 58
Killing the thief 61
Being the thief 66
Being chased 88

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