What does it mean to dream of school Dreaming of school refers to the need to learn the most appropriate way to overcome a difficulty in real life. It is a very frequent dream not only in students, but also in those who have finished their experience among the schools for many years: in this case it means that we have to face an unresolved situation, an open question for years, and that we have not been able to resolve. . Dreaming of not passing a university exam is premonitory
If a student who has to take a test at university is dreaming, the meaning is linked to insecurity and the fear of not being able to successfully pass the exam . It is also frequent in those who have studied and are prepared, but the fear of not expressing themselves at their best is very strong.Why I dream of old school friends
Our subconscious warns us of a strong sense of nostalgia for the past . The reference is not to a particular classmate, but to a situation in the past life, in which instead of worries and responsibilities, happiness and lightheartedness were the masters. Meaning in Psychology
For modern psychology schools, dream about school, in most circumstances, it refers directly to the social concerns, insecurity and generalized anxieties of the dreamer. Worry, and this is the key word to interpret the presence of oneself among the school desks (perhaps many years after the end of one’s basic training course).
Those who dream and are worried about the way in which others perceive it, live in constant fear of not having become someone in life, of having done little compared to their peers, perhaps later in their life, from a sentimental or professional point of view. The dreamer does not give peace to his situation and does not know how to find the way to rise in a definitive way. Arriving late for school, dreaming of a teacher or a teacher
If you happen to dream of arriving late for school , it means that the sleeper in more than one circumstance in his life has lost a great opportunity, and the regret is still very high. The most immediate fear is that a great possibility will arise again in the future, without the ability or the possibility to fully exploit it.
A professor or a teacher in dreams are figures that recall authority and can have two different meanings. On the one hand they are the symbol of the courage and authority that must be put into daily commitments to be successful, on the other the judging figures, who often put us in difficulty and generate a strong sense of anxiety.
If in the dreamwe can’t get out of school , find the front door, it means that we are in a period of confusion, in which we can’t find the key to the problem and the solution to an everyday problem. Our inability can be linked to a period of severe anxiety or stress. Dreaming of a kindergarten, which burns, to ashes
The kindergartenand the starting point for the formation of a child: for this reason, seeing him in a dream makes the dreamer understand that a period of personal and, above all, professional growth is beginning. In all likelihood you have thrown yourself headlong into a new business project, still budding, which needs study and preparation to be perfected and completed. However, you are well on your way to doing so.
See the burning asylumrefers to difficulties in the development of one’s life plan. As the flames affect the walls, some major difficulties are making it very difficult to achieve your goals. The help of people around you, or professionals close and prepared to you, can help you find the right way to emerge and overcome the obstacles that stand between you and success.
The loss of hope and dreams of glory, on the other hand, is represented by an asylum in ashes. There is nothing you can do: abandon that life plan for which you are working hard, but which in no way gives you satisfaction. Unfortunately there is no way to get what you want: the way forward is to review your projects, trying to be even less ambitious. Dreaming of school: other meanings
It happens to dream of going to school in pajamas or with clothing that is not at all appropriate to the situation: this dream image refers to the fear of those who dream of being judged. You are afraid of being inadequate and prefer to hide in life rather than show yourself off. Even to play at schooland a very frequent dream: those who experience it feel the need to have fun, to spend carefree moments, far from the worries that populate life in everyday life. Dreaming of doing school exams is a symbol of the pressure we are experiencing. When we study to pass a test or question, we feel anxious and in the same way our subconscious makes us understand that we are experiencing a tough period, in which we are measuring ourselves with our limits and possibilities. If we dream of not being prepared , it means that we are deeply insecure people, but that we do nothing in order not to go beyond our limits: the dream wants to be a warning to get out of that comfort zone that does not lead to anything good, if not perennial dissatisfaction.Forget books and notebooks
We do not feel adequate or prepared to face a situation that could come our way and put us in great difficulty. According to the modern interpretation of dreams, dreaming of forgetting books and notebooks is precisely the symptom that we must find an alternative way to overcome adversity, because we do not have the skills.
In our life we ​​have probably not been guided towards a process of growth and maturation, which could have allowed us to acquire the necessary tools to deal with problems in a different way. In the eyes of people we appear as someone who is in a perennial state of anxiety and agitation and who can hardly ever be an added value (for example in the professional field). Dreaming of the final examination
It is one of the crucial moments in the process of growth and formation of a person. Dreaming of taking the school-leaving exam can have several meanings. If we see it in our dream dimension before supporting it, it means that we have a great fear of failure. We can be prepared and have studied a lot, but the fear of not being up to par and of making a bad impression in front of the professors and a lot.
If we dream of the maturity exam many years after taking it , it means that in our life we ​​feel that a paranthesis of our past life is still unresolved and needs to find the right balance. The reference to the incriminated episode may not be clear in the dream, so we need to be good at “finding it” to put a stone on it forever and move on with our life. Meaning of the dream and lot numbers
School 3
Professor 18
Arriving late 89
Going there 57
Taking an exam 8

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