Have you ever dreamed of light or heavy rain, or walking under
it.Dreaming of rain is one of the most common and recurring dreams in people. Sometimes it is just a background, but in some cases it is the absolute protagonist, full of meanings. Just like in reality, a gloomy weather can sadden, and not only the meteoropaths, so in dreams the rain is the symbol of melancholy and despair.
Not only do the great poets compare the rain as a meteorological event to tears, more or less internal. The rain remains the symbol par excellence of the unleashed and manifest suffering, the tears of heaven and of the soul. In a more positive sense, water is the source of life that fertilizes the earth.
But rain in dreams, according to the modern interpretation of dreams, is also a symbol of purification. The rain cleanses and gives new vigor to life, and also a symbol of liberation. Liberation from our most unconscious traumas. Dreaming of rain represents fertility, and therefore a good omen: in general, in all probability, the dreamer is about to begin a new adventure or a new phase of his own under good stars. As always in the interpretation of dream experiences, the sensations experienced when bathing or simply seeing the rain change influence the interpretation of the dream. The psychology of rain
From the psychological point of view, that of rain is seen as an almost spiritual dream, a ritual of true purification – as we have already mentioned – both interior and exterior. You have been troubled and paid the price for a delicate situation, now you have the need to wipe out all kinds of anguish.
The rain wet me but I kept walking without seeking shelter. A dream that upset me. But what can it mean What it means to dream of rain Walking under it: it is a dream that gives you reason. In all likelihood, in fact, you feel safe and certain of the choices you have made. Light and thicka dream that bodes well. It is in fact a dream experience that presages big gains on the horizon, coming from a job well done and with constancy, but also from possible winnings from the game. Torrential: a double and opposite meaning. If the sensations in your dream experience are positive, in fact, this dream represents purification and catharsis. Otherwise, if you have negative feelings in the dream, the same symbolizes atonement from some fault you have committed. Get wet: in the near future you will face great fortune. It is an absolutely auspicious dream experience, a harbinger of successes and achievement of not indifferent goals. See it fall:contrary to what it might seem, the dream suggests and anticipates a positive and enchanting period for your life. Something exciting could positively upset your life. Observe it from the window: you are aware of what is happening around you, and consequently you will make the right decisions about it. You will not go wrong, thanks to widespread but targeted reasoning. That beats on the roof of the house: it is a positive symbol, which suggests serenity within one’s family and emotional environment, in some cases it wishes serenity in the family and as a couple, as well as in love. Getting out of a storm: after the efforts, stress and difficulties in sustaining a complex situation, you will find the solution to the main problem of your daily life. It haunted you, and you couldn’t be focused and on the piece: now everything is about to change. Finding yourself in the middle of a storm: a sign of destiny. It means that in the short term you may be able to inherit property or money. That could change your life. Blood: bad omen even if not serious, it generally indicates your weakness or passivity in undergoing the will of the people around you in certain situations. Of fire:a dream that represents vitality, energy for future projects and joie de vivre. You are positive and active people, now you know how to approach your daily life with an ever-renewed spirit. With the sun: you are ambitious people, and you manage to reach your goals. This makes you quite proud of yourself, but don’t rest on your laurels: you are about to start another important and noteworthy project. Mixed with hail: a peaceful and prosperous future lies ahead for you. You are doing everything to become a better person, and you are succeeding, step by step. Despite a thousand difficulties. Warm and pleasant:you feel the need to start something new, a journey, a love, perhaps a job that can stimulate and gratify you more than the current one. You are also receptive to new ideas or new ideals. That falls in bursts: troubles and sorrows coming, in spite of you. Get ready to face a rather tiring period and studded with various difficulties. Coming soon: you have doubts about the success of your project or purpose. This is a goal that you have been cultivating for a long time, but that you have never been able to accomplish. The period does not continue. Take shelter:you will succeed in your purposes and your projects will come to an end in a short time, but only you know how much you have suffered to finally reach your goal. Dreaming of clothes hanging in the rain
If you have ever dreamed of infiltrating rain, in all probability you are experiencing a rather stressful period and cannot find peace. If the rain, in the dream, enters the house, it is time to reason with knowledge of the facts, before a serious problem becomes even more serious than you might ever expect. Have you ever dreamed of clothes themselves in the rain
It is certainly not an easy time, made of gossips towards you. However, you have decided to rush through the period, without being conditioned, by washing away all the rot that surrounds you.
If you’ve come this far in reading, in all likelihood you may also be interested in the meaning of dreaming of a crashing airplane , crying desperately or falling into space . Dream interpretation and lot numbers
with hail 9
rain 12
light 16
roar 17
umbrella 22
storm 39
cyclone 49
shelter 62
torrential 66
gusts 77
walk under it 80
with the sun 90

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