You have dreamed of a rabbit
It means that you are looking for something

Dreaming of rabbits is a special dream experience, which many people have every day. Rabbits are a very clear symbol of sexuality, but at the same time they are also linked to the family sphere.
Being animals that reproduce with impressive speed and in abundant numbers, their presence in the dream can indicate the will of an imminent motherhood or to enlarge the family sphere.
Attention to another meaning of these animals, because since the dawn of time rabbits are linked to magic and occultism, so dreaming of a rabbitit can mean that there is a very strong bond with magic and esotericism on the part of the dreamer. In the dream book, the rabbit is related to family and one’s sexual sphere. If you dream of numerous rabbits , the dream can be interpreted as the search for a motherhood or paternity, or in any case as a strong desire to expand the family. The rabbit is an animal linked to reproduction, but also to sexuality, so the dream can indicate that something is wrong in this sphere of experience. The dreamer is then asked to analyze his life and to remedy situations that do not make him happy or satisfied from this point of view. Dreaming of rabbits – psychological implications
From a psychological point of view, dreaming of rabbits can be a subconscious projection of our will to create something good in our daily life, with a very high speed, to obtain a fast and immediate result. It is, in fact, a limit, which does not allow the dreamer to maintain the right psychological stability . A real double-edged sword, since the very lack of tranquility and mental balance can play tricks in achieving one’s life goals. Dreaming of a rabbit is also symptomatic of a feeling of seeking solitude, as animals that are on their own and do not live in a pack. If the dream interests awild rabbit , can be interpreted as the need to want to be alone in a natural and comfortable environment, to reflect on the present and the future of one’s family.
Many newborn rabbits were piled up there staring at me. What a strange dream. What it can mean What it means to dream of rabbits Newborn: they are puppies, and therefore a dream experience heralds good news. In general, dreaming of baby animals is a good omen, but in this specific case it could be a maternity or a paternity announced. Puppies:this dream can mean that a new project or a new friendship is about to be born, but also a new romantic relationship. Certainly some important news are about to appear in the dreamer’s life. Caged: this dream can reveal dissatisfaction and even frustration in the dreamer, unable to complete a desire or a very coveted project. It could most likely be a lack of maternity or paternity, or the impossibility of getting an idea or project off the ground in the professional field. Dead:this dream vision is a sign that the dreamer is experiencing a difficult period of his life, especially linked to the family sphere. The dream can also indicate inadequacy, and fear for a given task that is perceived as too difficult to carry out. Bianchi: it is symptomatic that the dreamer is linked to magic and the sphere of the occult. It is a symbolic and very rare dream, which shows the link between the dreamer and the energetic forces. It can also indicate the presence of a particular sensitivity to the subject, even unconscious. Blacks:this dream vision is instead a sign of calling attention, as the black rabbit represents the elusive enemy, the dangerous entity that needs to be hunted down and then fought to improve everyday life. A sort of warning to defeat the evil of everyday life. To live a more peaceful and peaceful life. What does it mean to dream of injured rabbits
If you have ever dreamed of caressing rabbits, it is very likely, dear dreamers, that very important news will soon appear in your life, with all probability linked to your closest family sphere: that of parents or of the partner. A good news, which will bring harmony within the four walls of the house. If, on the other hand, you have already dreamed of injured rabbits,be very careful: someone in the workplace is plotting against you, perhaps to steal your job or to get that promotion you have long coveted. Be careful.
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Rabbits 20
White 39
Black 45
Caged 84

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