How can the fact of dreaming about horses be interpreted
Dreaming of a horse or horses is quite common. If this animal appears to you in a dream, you should make profound reflections on your inner strength, which you are not necessarily able to control. And it can be a double-edged sword.
As often happens, depending on the specific circumstances in which you dream of it, if at a gallop or on foot, if in one color rather than another, the horse can have specific and different meanings. Here is how the different variants of this dream can be explained.
What does the horse represent?
According to the dictionary of dreams, the horse is that animal that best embodies the beast that is inside each of us:it represents the strength and the desire to prevail, but also the fact of being very often subject to nervous breakdowns that are difficult to contain. The horse is the symbol of instinct, but also of dignity and elegance of posture. The horse that appears within a dream can be, as mentioned, of different colors: if white it indicates that our projects, even the most difficult to carry out and complete will have a pleasant positive turnaround, while if black it represents the presence of an energy within us, often negative, which has the strict need to go out, freeing itself. The colors are very important, but also the movements, the type of gait, are all details that allow you to carry out a precise and timely evaluation of the dream.Dreaming of horses from a psychological point of view
On a psychological level, the fact of dreaming of several horses of different colors can be relevant. The equines of different shades, in fact, represent opposites, tranquility and elegance, against the unbridled and uncontrolled desire, the impudence and the inability to comply with precise rules. This is the particular situation in which you find yourself, unable to find the balance between opposites and always on the limbo of excess. On one side or the other.
It was terrible: I dreamed of being in the backyard, and finding the body of a headless horse under the tree. What anguish. What can this dream mean What does it mean to dream of horses or a horse Without a head: this dream implies that your will has been overwhelmed, and the negative instincts have prevailed. It is an omen that a particular situation will cause you to permanently lose control. Try to contain yourself as much as possible, for your own good. Dreaming of a horse running free – it means that you have reached your goal. You have freed yourself from a yoke and now you can gallop without restraints, aware that you have done everything to make your dream come true. If, on the other hand, the horse appears on the run, it means that you are afraid of losing control of a situation that is particularly close to your heart.Dreaming of a runaway horse: you don’t know how to control your instincts, and the emotionality you put into everyday life, in all circumstances, is not proportionate to the situation. In the most delicate and crucial circumstances it could be a problem. And the warning that you must learn to control yourself a little more. Injured or ill : you have had the upper hand over your instincts, and thanks to a good dose of rationality you have been able to control a drive that is difficult to stem. It is a strong sign of how you can, just by wanting to, amaze yourself with great self control Dreaming of horses on the beach: life originates from water, and the animal running by the sea is the symbol of a spiritual rebirth, necessary to find a stable balance between the conscious and the unconscious. It is a very meaningful symbol, to be interpreted only in a positive way. That bites : it is the symbol of your repressed sexual impulses, which we would like to get rid of. It is a very frequent dream in women, especially in those who do not have the courage to let themselves go all the way. Live it, life is one. Bound: this dream is common especially if in recent times you have been feeling limited and repressed. You need to give vent to your will to live, without making any kind of compromise. Undo the reins and do what you want and how you want it, taking care to always be moderate. Dreaming of stroking a horse – meaning
If you happen to dream of stroking a horse it means that you have reached an enviable psychophysical balance, and that now what you need would be a little attention and romance. If, on the other hand, you have happened to dream of a horse in danger, it means that you are experiencing an intense period from a professional point of view, in which you have decided to make your decisions independently. However, an internal opinion from a colleague or a person you trust would also be useful.
If you have come this far in reading, it means that you are very interested in the complex world of dream interpretation. For this you may be interested in knowing what it means to dream of being naked and not ashamed of it or a cat without a tail. Dream Interpretation and Lotto Numbers
Horse 1
Loose 6
Thin 15
Black 31
Fall 41

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